Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sing and Soar Ever Heartward

Soaring Back to the Heart of Life

I have a few friends who are having an incredibly hard time right now. Sometimes the only thing to do is listen and love them. From my point of view I see their strength and their beauty beneath all the self-doubt and fear. We are all here on a journey to break free from all that binds us to our limitations. Our conditioning is the hardest to overcome when we feel disconnected from the inner core of our Being. I want to hold them and tell them that this is an important vital phase in their growth back to the heart. I just want to smile and say that everything is perfect as it is and these experiences are all important to recognize. But I know too well how it feels. No one could have consoled me when I was in my own shadow phase. Here is a song that came from those deep questioning times. After a long crying episode, it would remind me that my dreams are waiting for me. When I had no Vision, I felt comfort from these words and when a Vision came, I felt the soaring up to fantastic heights. These words have served my life so well. Perhaps they will help you find your courage through hard moments:

"It’s such a long road we travel
It’s such a long road we walk with You
It’s such a long way to freedom
As our Vision sees us through
It’s been lifetimes of waiting
Not knowing what to do
And still keep on believing
That love will see us through

With every step we take Your name
With every tear we cry a river flows
And in the ocean of your comfort
A giant rainbow glows
Until we smile and laughter’s song is ringing
As we spread our wings and fly
To see the road so small beneath us now
From a clear unending sky

It’s such a long road we travel
When our Visions hold us there
Now you teach us to see far beyond ourselves
And soar like birds in the air
Embracing our freedom everywhere
Then what a wondrous life we lead
As our Vision takes us there"

Ganga Fondan, 2001

Ever since I can remember, I've been looking for my love in so many forms. Every time I think that it is lost, singing brings me back to my true Heart. I know this is a personal journey for each and every one of us. We see different rainbows, we experience love and joy in unique ways and we follow different horizons. Each sees a dreams or a Vision of what is ideal or desired. How often my Teacher would remind us of the famous words in the movie musical ,South Pacific :

"You've got to have a dream
If you don't have a dream
How you gonna have a dream come true....?"

These words inspired me to keep singing and finding my dream. A dream that grows in the depth of the Heart. It is this dream that eludes the dreamer from time to time. Then we cannot feel our bliss and connection anymore. Someitmes our whole life aches to find it. We become sick or emotional or even cynical. Sometimes it seems impossible to overcome the shadows that follow our days. Keep singing or drawing or painting or writing. I have learned that "writing crystalizes thought." Be gentle with yourself and try not to do it all alone.

Try meditating too. It is very calming. The intellect cannot find the way to the dream. There is a place beyond thinking that guides us. When you fall in love or hold a baby for the first time or when something moves you to tears, you experience That.

We are loved so wholly and unconditionally. We are made out of That essence. Keep going and deep growing. You are well on your way toward the bliss you seek.

In the spirit of that Love, we are One.


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Cyndee Greene said...

Beautiful Ganga!
I think it is wonderful that you want to hold them & tell them that this is an important vital phase in their growth back to the heart. It has helped me tremendously to know that. It helps me not think that I am doing something wrong. I go ahead & say that to my friends or clients. It may not take away what they are feeling, but it is important information to have. I think the greatest thing we can ever say to someone is "I believe in you" There is something in that that is so uplifting. Because when things are difficult & painful it is hard to believe in ourselves. But when someone else says that to us during those times, it opens us to the possibilities. It is that place where we get to remind those dear to us of their song. We get to sing it for them. And I do not know of a better person for that than you, sweet precious one!