Saturday, June 29, 2013

From Deep Within She Appears...

She is the Angel of Rejuvination…

She appears in the dreams of earthly wanderers
Who ache to feel the joy of existence
She assures us that there is nothing to fear
We are never alone
We are here to overcome old habits
Accept the challenges of the modern age
Defeat ignorance and procrastination 

There is nothing we cannot imagine
Reach for tremendous heights together
Hear the rhythm of One Sound
We each listen so uniquely
Find our own way of self-expression
We think independent dreams separate us
Until we understand that all happiness
Is one happiness felt in endless ways
Together we experience life
In all its wondrous aspects
With vigilance in our aspirations
We remember:
Place trust in moral re-establishment
In social justice
In the cultivation of personal character
In the sacred feminine
In the innocence of childhood
Respect the sanctity of all life
In the sweet dance of interdependence
In the power of kindness
Ever resonant in the hearts of all
Believe in the infinite possibilities
Awakening in the One Heart

© Ganga Fondan, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Unconditional Love Initiates a New Cycle...

The Redemption Song of Eve

The redemption song of Eve
Flows in my heart
She shows me the garden
Where everything is possible
An apple once held the spark of life
Which set her on a journey
Of which I play a part
In her light shines the gift
She regrets nothing
All is forgiven
Life energy moves in circles
Nothing is wasted
We come again to the garden and sing
In Eve we rediscover the dream
Find the song of the beginning
Our closest remembrance of Home
In Eve we feel a dawning
Ready to embrace the children
Of Timelessness
Listen to the song of morning birds
Anything is possible now…

© Ganga Fondan, 2013

Journal Entry: June 17, 2013

Almost fell asleep on my keyboard because I could not give up on this piece.  Scenes kept changing and the direction of the story caught me by surprise when the apple appeared in the center.  Beautiful feelings kept pouring through.  Like the peace at the end of an exhaling breath, an eternal moment arises and a sweet clarity comes and disappears again in the washing in at the next inhalation.  The green in the center of the apple flashed and I could not let it go until the morning birds sang and daylight streamed through my window.  At last an anchor to my last 2 months of peace and the unending cycles that move through my life in greater ways.  Eve represents the receptive nature which takes upon herself the birthing of dreams.  She is that part of me just beginning to recognize the patterns that appear everywhere in the outer world as they relate to truths of inner world.  This then in turn can relate to states in the inner world made to appear in the outer.  She whispers this is the true expectancy of womanhood.

"The Proclamation -  My Consciousness is the Creator:
develops in your Consciousness your indivisibility with the Universe and at the same time gives you your own Identity.  You will know that you live, move and have your Being in the Universe.  You will know that your individuality is the center of expression of All Power.  It is through you the Universe continues its creation by becoming you." (Chapter 15, p:119)


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Truth Itself is Unutterable..."

The Eternal Heart Shines Its Light Through All Forms...

The way of things and more things rolls like a wave over me
Soaking me with pieces of a puzzle
Which are now impossible to isolate
Discern what is true and what is not
As darkness covers each thought fading
Back into blackness
Back into No-Where
A place of No-Thing
A single light glimmers
In the deepest part of my Self
Re-membering the way
Out of light itself the harmony continues
The way of things rise and fall
The way of light remains

Blog entry June 11, 2013

Step by step my heart follows the path of light.  Around me is a material world of challenges and pain, a scrambling existence of circumstances that tempt me to rely on them, give them power of attention and thus be lured away from the true source of everything within my Self.  This art piece reveals an aspect of this understanding.  It began as a feeling...  

The feeling of spending time with my kid brother...
The feeling of confidence that comes when technological ideas are clarified...
The feeling of love that comes when someone tries their hardest to help you understand...
The feeling of togetherness that comes with c0-creation...
The feeling of harmony that can be felt with another...
A moment of true beauty and gratitude...
A moment of light and lighting...
A moment of loving the Master within...

I wonder where the next part of my journey will lead to.  The path of light opens up and bids me to declare my oneness with it.  Nothing can be explained.  Glimpses come.  Silent elation forms itself into tears.  Sweet streams of ecstatic poetry.

Notebook Entry May 15th, 2013

Of course you uttered the words for me to remember.  To help me someday.  Today they echo through my mind once more.  Of course I know that this all comes for my good, but how do I understand their intent?  The urge comes to go deeper.  Beyond the words, a seed grows silently.  There is no classification for what bursted then and grows now.  In timelessness the understanding comes.  There is only listening now.