Saturday, June 29, 2013

From Deep Within She Appears...

She is the Angel of Rejuvination…

She appears in the dreams of earthly wanderers
Who ache to feel the joy of existence
She assures us that there is nothing to fear
We are never alone
We are here to overcome old habits
Accept the challenges of the modern age
Defeat ignorance and procrastination 

There is nothing we cannot imagine
Reach for tremendous heights together
Hear the rhythm of One Sound
We each listen so uniquely
Find our own way of self-expression
We think independent dreams separate us
Until we understand that all happiness
Is one happiness felt in endless ways
Together we experience life
In all its wondrous aspects
With vigilance in our aspirations
We remember:
Place trust in moral re-establishment
In social justice
In the cultivation of personal character
In the sacred feminine
In the innocence of childhood
Respect the sanctity of all life
In the sweet dance of interdependence
In the power of kindness
Ever resonant in the hearts of all
Believe in the infinite possibilities
Awakening in the One Heart

© Ganga Fondan, 2013

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