Friday, October 19, 2012

Protect the Dream Seeds and Trust...

Protect the Dream Seeds and Trust Your Heart...

The dream is planted in my Heart 
It grows and flourishes 
Nurtured by great Love 
Like the passing seasons 
My mind gets caught up 
In storms and moods 
I lose sight of this garden 
Become numb to its delight 
Pay more attention to wanting: 
Wanting to measure its growth 
Wanting to taste its fruits 
Wanting to increase its treasures 
Wanting repeated assurance 
That it will always be there 
My hands fill up with wanting- 
Wanting to possess 
My eyes fill with wanting- 
Wanting to see everything before believing 
My senses fill with wanting- 
Wanting only pleasure’s fulfillment 
This wanting begins to dig a hole 
Of increasing pain and emptiness 
My heart cries out for Grace 
She appears and pulls me inward again 
Humility brings me back to the Garden 
Where one immortal message echoes 
 “Love plants the dream unconditionally… 
Never dig up the seeds” 

 © Ganga Fondan, 2012 

 Journal Entry: October 19th,2012 

 Every time I forget this precious lesson, my mind takes a nose dive towards a dark abyss and all clarity disappears. For years, my mind grapples with the concept of Infinity. If something never ends nor begins, then there is no separation between its parts. Then past and present and future become one. Just when it seems that my mind understands this, the measuring starts again. The Heart relies on Grace to keep it open and trusting. In remarkable moments my mind catches glimpses of a greater unfolding. A feeling guides me back to romance in life without certainties. One by one the opportunities present themselves again for my greatest growth. The imagination expands and the inner soul expressions well up again to rejoice and overflow. Today's entry marks another journey milestone of this celebration. 

 Today's Ancient Secrets quote: 

 "That is Infinite. This is Infinite. From that Infinite arises this Infinite. this Infinite is brought forth from that Infinite and that Infinite remains Infinite." 
- Isha Unpanishad

Monday, October 8, 2012

Love Never Fails...

To Stretch Far Beyond the Enticing World of Form and Surrender to that Canvas of Consciousness

We Live in a World Made of Love

I go to the woods to listen

My Heart explodes in a thousand themes
As each leaf lands
Life ends
Life leaps 
Falling to
Falling from
Sounds are the same
What is free will
If not free love
Pieces come together
The answer doesn't matter
The brain shuts off
The feeling is alive and free
The woods sing me this song
I Am a tree in jubilation

Journal Entry October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

This day is another chance to see the new and choose the life of my Heart.  This day coaxes me to spend time in nature, to journal new ideas, to review the navigational wisdom gifted to me.  Today is another opportunity to strengthen the bond with those who ache to fly and dream the great dream within.  Today is another chance to bow to Creation Itself and feel breath entering in and exiting the body.  Today my arms raise to the unlimited sky and proclaim "I Am That!!  I Am That".

Ancient Secrets Affirmation:

"My Individual Consciousness is the same as Universal Consciousness.

My whole Being is saturated with this feeling.
I vision with an unlimited mind
and physically manifest my Vision with certainty.
I know my Power and ask the Power,
And the Power will give unfailingly."