Friday, October 30, 2009

Expanding in Butterfly Consciousness

My Consciousness Creates Reality

Caterpillar Self lived a limited existence
The world accepted her meager body
And fed her scraps of life and leaves
She marveled at the beauty of the flowers
And climbed a few just to see what else waited
She worked hard on herself
She pushed her little aching body
To the farthest reaches of her little garden
She entertained caterpillar friends
Listened to caterpillar music
Worked a caterpillar job
But silently at night she would cry
Her heart pounded in her little chest
A great cascading Dream called to her
She called back to the Dream
A feeling of flight and colors stirred
A sensation of indescribable expansion
Just when she felt she would burst in this joy
Just when she felt it was too much to hold
A miraculous event began to weave itself
Within herself
Around herself
Out of herself
For an instant she thought she saw herself as a flower
In that moment Butterfly Self laughed
And thought she remembered herself as a little worm.

Ganga Fondan, 2009

Meditation on the third proclamation:

"Individual Consciousness is the creative force. My Consciousness is the Creator. " - Tulshi Sen, "Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World"

Coming home from a local pub last night, I could not wait to start working on this post. Listening to the lively expressive sounds of the band onstage (Gibbran)I suddenly felt everyone around me as an actor or as later depicted "caterpillar". I saw an old life of mine flitting around me there in that place serving and laughing and dancing and socializing and drinking and eating. I had participated in that life for a long time while struggling all the way towards something better. I could feel the urge of the singer to sing the songs he had writen rather than the cover tunes that the audience demanded. I looked at the hightop runners of the waiter who ran his heart out for the crowd that gathered. I observed the animated faces of those sitting around me completely engrossed in their desire to let loose and connect. I remember that drunken state of animation very well. Last night something inside just wanted to sit still and observe the entire scene as a piece of myself. How can I explain this? I saw an aspect of myself in everyone there: the singer,the bartenders, the waitstaff, the men staring into the sports scenes on screens, the women readjusting their hair and clothes after a dance, the slow intense slur of those have had a bit too much of things on the menu and those which are not. It felt marvellous to witness. It felt pitiful. It felt alarming. It felt peaceful.

Something new in me stirred.
It felt alive and ready.
What now?

My Consciousness creates.
The new garden awakens and offers the nectar of endless flowers.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter 2: "I Feel a Light on My Face"


"Father sky asked me to close my eyes and see
The inner landscape is endless and generous
Father sky asked me not to forget the Source of All
In his song he took me back to places I had forgotten
He showed me the pain of ages
Where we had lost ourselves in endings
We began to limit ourselves in beginnings
We lost touch with the infinite Source of All
Father sky asked me to close my eyes and see
In that seeing a feeling arose from the depths
In that heated flame a picture began to emerge
The inner landscape blossomed on every side
In that blossoming rose the children of the earth
Each child shaped and formed in the water of life
The wind breathed them to being and drew them forth
Father sky asked me to open the heart of my eyes
Open the heart of my ears
Open the heart of my skin
Open the heart of my taste
Open the heart of my smell
Open the heart of my womb
In that sweet crescendo of feeling a new dream awoke
A new child opened its mind and began to sing"

Ganga Fondan, 2009

Artwork and poetry is a meditation on the following words:

"Your Consciousness is all powerful. All the power of the Universe, past, present and future, the power that created the sky, the earth, the galaxies, a grain of sand, a flower - is in you at this very moment. You don't need to go anywhere else for your building materials or the worlkforce to build your vision. You already have it. " - Tulshi Sen, "Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World"

I woke up this morning before the sun came out. I knew this day was special. I knew that the sun would not rise because it is always there flaming and beautiful in the sky. The ceremonial day was beginning. This is my renewal. This is my story. As I slowly dressed I looked out at the stars still bright in the sky. The sky just kept begging for my attention. I stopped for a coffee and bagel on the way to the shop. Sitting there staring at the dark sky, my heart felt light so I pulled out my notebook and started to write. The words came pouring out. The last few lines completely framed my day:

"This is another chance to embrace the gift that meets me on the horizon over and over. What can I do but sing? The Abundance falls like rain and all I have to do is face it, acknowledge it and rise with it each morning. The new day is loaded full of success, compassion and love."

Now it is dark again. The artwork and poetry of this post flow effortlesly from within. The sun has hidden itself again and the dark sky is capturing my thoughts. This glorious day washes over me and in its ebbing opens up new vistas and possibilities. A new courage now rises which chapter one was only preparing me for. May Grace and Gratitude stay by my side for they are the true sisters of my happiness.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

"In this Burning We Are Ever Free"

"In This Burning We Are Ever Free"

“When they burned my lover’s beautiful body
I saw the great fire enfolding him into itself
A piece of me burned there in that flame
A piece of him watched with me through my eyes
Fire cleans everything so thoroughly
When the soft silky ashes ran through my hands
Into the waiting cool waters of the lake
I saw them fertilizing the soil deep below
Plants will grow there and feed the fish
Animals will eat the fish and roam around
Fecal matter will become soil again for the trees
Through great roots the water from deep will rise
And explode outwards in the morning dew
The sky will draw him upward again
My lover will be everywhere for all time
Nourishing nature again and again this body will serve
Moon and stars and suns will know him
Mountains, lakes and rivers flow through him
One day even pieces of that body will become Being again

But now that piece of me that burned with him calls to me
It aches for release and freedom
That piece of him that lives in my heart calls back:
My Love, in this burning we are only witnesses
Rise and let go of everything
We are One beyond this dance of ice and fire
Claim your freedom.

Ganga Fondan, 2009

This art and poetry is a meditation on yesterday's teleseminar with Tulshi Sen. To find our dreams we go through a great shift of personality and perception in order to see the greatest in ourselves. When he uttered the following words, my thoughts lifted to an indescribable quietness:

"Life is a dance of Consciousness and the mind. It is a romance only when Consciousness leads and the mind follows." - Tulshi Sen

How many times, my heart has shown me such exquisiteness in life. Inside I feel so many changes happening. Sometimes I feel the putrid decaying thoughts of fear hanging on so tightly to maintain their importance in my life. Yet here in this Fall weather I look around and release these anxieties like leaves in a blustery wind. In the artwork I see myself being guided to a new life again. There is cremation of ideas that belonged to my life once. What significance do they still have in where I want to go? Like old clothes that no longer suit my lifestye I let them go and thank them for their service. One of the greatest gifts that has come to me through the practice of the Four Proclamations is the art of listening. This tuning in to Consciousness has shown me how to write songs and draw pictures. It has shown me how to interpret these outpourings as roadmaps to my own evolution.

Unless I do have power over my thought, I can never be free. Unless I can listen to my heart, I have no desire to take this control. Only when glimpses of magnificent feelings peek through my awareness, do I suddenly recognize the priceless value of owning my thoughts and maintaining a vigilence that will not negate the wonder of a beautiful desire aching to make itself known. In yesterday's discussion, my Teacher said that just like a strand of DNA holds the coding for an entire body, so does a single powerful Vision contain the seed to our dream life. The Universe takes care of all the details.

While walking in a brisk wind earlier today, I thought about Narayan. I do not know where he is. I cannot say what he looks like or what he does. I watched his cremation and saw such amazing images passing through my mind. Beyond my unshakable love for him is a Voice that calls to me and coaxes me to look deeper into my own desires and feelings. When I feel the impulse to write a song or make a picture or write a poem, I feel alive and filled with joy. I know that life is showing me the way and opening new horizons for me to experience and feel the wonder of being alive and following my Consciousness with surrender and gratitude.

May your week shower you with brilliant insights to follow your dreams.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Following That One Light Blazing In Me"

"Following that One Light Blazing in Me"

"I feel grateful for all I've learned
and the people to whom I turned
Now like a river flowing to the Sea
I let them all go now to their own destiny
while I follow that one Light blazing in me
I'm gonna live my own dream again

I gonna live my own dream again
I'm gonna break through these clouds of rain
Straight to that bright shining sun
In the name of the One
I stake my claim
where I live my own dream again"

Ganga Fondan, 2009

All week I've been singing this song in order to stir up some feelings of ache and desire again. When my rational mind reminds me of my losses, my songs lead me back to a place of hope, of faith and courage again. Staring at the ever giving Ocean, my heart rises once more to declare its intent. I draw strength from the words of my Teacher:

"Your Consciousness is the spark and Universal Consciousness is the blaze and they are one and the same. Constantly reflecting on the meaning of this Truth and silencing the constant chatter of the intellect brings this Truth to our realization. This is referred to as crossing over the Ocean of Consciousness."

Even though I've been meditating on the 4 Proclamations for some time now, there is always more to be fine-tuned when it comes to manifesting what I really want to experience in my life. Last week's webinar was a call for self-honesty again and I felt plagued with a feeling of resistance that I could not shake. One night a friend and I went down to the waters of Lake Ontario. It was quite late but the roar of the tides lured us towards the water. She stayed back a bit while I ran all the way to the water's edge dropping my knees into the cool moist sand. In front of me were the energizing waves rolling towards me. I saw no horizon in the blackness, only the white waves seemingly coming out of nowhere with such a force towards me. I felt high and completely captured by this sight My eyes began to tear up as I thought of how much the Universe showers over my life. I felt the words of my Teacher reminding me that our aches and longings do not come from the mind. I asked inside again and again if I may break through the resistance and feel the pulsating of my heart's dream. Like lightening flashes the waves continued to rush towards me over and over again. By now I could not stop sobbing with joy. I kept thinking: "Show me. Show me." I wanted to sit there for an eternity but knew that my friend was waiting. Looking back at the waves as we walked to the car, I reminded every cell of my body to remember that feeling vividly.

There are pockets in my life where I allow myself to get comfortable and forget that experiencing my True Being is my focus. My personality is my belief level and this is my opportunity to raise my expectations and be free from conditions. In his last webinar, my Teacher reminded us of how many paradigms mankind has had to continuously break through. We once believed that the earth was flat or that the sun travelled around the earth. By discovering a new reality, everything in our world and the way we thought about it changed. Mankind was so resistant to acknowledge the truth until scientific evidence convinced them otherwise. How brave were those that knew before the data was produced.

I feel exciting times are ahead. Join in on the webinars if you like. Just click here and sign up for the newletter for the webinar information. I guarantee that you have not heard a speaker like this before. Now is a great time to listen because he is just beginning the 4 Proclamations Cycle this week.

I am rich because of what I have learned from Mr. Sen. I see how many other lives around me have been changed as a result of using the meditational and visioning exercises he adapted from the ancients to suit our 21st century chattering mindset. The other day I met an incredible woman who says that these webinars are changing her whole life and she thanked me over and over for recommending "Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World" to her. I let her know about his meditation cd and she got really excited. I saw her eyes sparkle and felt the warmth of her heart. It is the greatest pleasure passing on this wisdom to others whle still learning to master the principles for myself.

The other day a beautiful idea came to my mind and I wrote in my journal:
"I understand for the first time why we have specific gifts and talents and why it is so crucial to bring out the highest expression of them. In the expression of Consciousness (Creation), we grow in awareness and celebrate our own relationship with Divinity."

And so this artwork, song lyrics and blog entry is an offering to that Divinity which ever guides me through this powerful and beautiful life. I close my eyes and feel the roaring water and its limitless generosity. I feel the words : "straight to that bright shining Sun in the Name of the One I have my claim where I live my own dream again."


Thursday, October 1, 2009

"All Girls are Princesses"

"All Girls are Princesses"

“What makes her the most beautiful
is that her heart sees crystal clearly
Though born in simple circumstances
Her treasures are her thoughts
Filled with romance and music
Wherever she encounters life
She holds it up against the light
And sees the most amazing wonders
Without money she wears the autumn leaves
And colored feathers of birds in her hair
When her accounts overflow again
She decorates herself with gold and diamonds
When no one understands this and casts her out
She sits in the shade of the cool trees
And sing songs with nature in the moonlight
When others begin to curiously hover
She takes their hands in hers and dances
She is a daughter of Abundance itself
And pours onto the canvas of my psyche
Out of No-Thing she arises
to stir the poetry of Self-Creation”

This posting is a meditation on the following quote discussed by Tulshi Sen in his Webinar entitled: “How Do I Accomplish What is Beyond my Means?”

“That is Infinite. This is Infinite. From that Infinite arises this Infinite. This Infinite is brought forth from That Infinite and That Infinite remains Infinite.”

Isha Upanishad

I remember one night a few years ago, Narayan and I lay awake in our bedroom as a beautiful stream of moonlight poured over us. We had just come home from another seminar with our Teacher and were confronted with idea of our own "lack mentality".
Our conversation went something like this:

Ganga: The whole idea of limitlessness is overwhelming. I never really thought about it so deeply before.

Narayan: Yeah I know what you mean.

Ganga: I mean I never really ask for EVERYTHING nor do I really allow myself to think of what that everything might be.

Narayan: I think my parents had lack mentality too. Like you should be happy with what you have and not ask for too much.

Ganga: I really thought that if I take more than what I should, that I take away from others and I feel guilty. Like the sky was one round pie and the pieces were divided out and there was a test to see how much each person would take.

Narayan: (chuckles) Our world is a pie, my Princess. I get you all to myself. I love you.

Ganga: I love you forever too. Limitlessly. Limitlessly. Limitlessly.

Yesterday my Teacher challenged us again in the Webinar to go deeper into that feeling of want inside. "If we had all the means in the world what would we want?"
I was reminded of that conversation with Narayan. I've come such a long way since that night, but I still go deeper into the feeling and grow. Over time, my imagination has loosened up and I can see more than ever before. Another interesting thing said in the webinar is that "no desire ever comes from our mind", and "all desires originate in the Universe".

Just before I met Narayan, I had the feeling that I was ready to have a long term relationship and something so deep inside was aching to form a Vision of a powerful and ideal man for myself. I remember that feeling so clearly. It came from beyond reason and rose from beyond my thoughts. Lately I have wanted to feel that passionate again but I'm not exactly sure what it is yet so the songs and artwork and music bring me forward and show me a way.

If you would like to listen to a recording of last nights or others please click here and indulge yourself. Life transforming and cutting edge tools ae given to rise above your current want and dive into true desire from the heart.

Also I want to reread the suggested Chapter Six of "Ancients Secrets of Success for Today's World" entitled: The Everyday Magic of Creating From No-Thing. - The Substance of Your Personal Creative Power That Gets You What You Want

Have a truly magnificent rest of your week.

PS Oh and BTW, did you know what the biggst fear of the mind is?
Answer: Fear of heights. It dreads upward aspirational thoughts.
(I learned that in the Webinar too.)

* - quote from "A Little Princess" movie