Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Following That One Light Blazing In Me"

"Following that One Light Blazing in Me"

"I feel grateful for all I've learned
and the people to whom I turned
Now like a river flowing to the Sea
I let them all go now to their own destiny
while I follow that one Light blazing in me
I'm gonna live my own dream again

I gonna live my own dream again
I'm gonna break through these clouds of rain
Straight to that bright shining sun
In the name of the One
I stake my claim
where I live my own dream again"

Ganga Fondan, 2009

All week I've been singing this song in order to stir up some feelings of ache and desire again. When my rational mind reminds me of my losses, my songs lead me back to a place of hope, of faith and courage again. Staring at the ever giving Ocean, my heart rises once more to declare its intent. I draw strength from the words of my Teacher:

"Your Consciousness is the spark and Universal Consciousness is the blaze and they are one and the same. Constantly reflecting on the meaning of this Truth and silencing the constant chatter of the intellect brings this Truth to our realization. This is referred to as crossing over the Ocean of Consciousness."

Even though I've been meditating on the 4 Proclamations for some time now, there is always more to be fine-tuned when it comes to manifesting what I really want to experience in my life. Last week's webinar was a call for self-honesty again and I felt plagued with a feeling of resistance that I could not shake. One night a friend and I went down to the waters of Lake Ontario. It was quite late but the roar of the tides lured us towards the water. She stayed back a bit while I ran all the way to the water's edge dropping my knees into the cool moist sand. In front of me were the energizing waves rolling towards me. I saw no horizon in the blackness, only the white waves seemingly coming out of nowhere with such a force towards me. I felt high and completely captured by this sight My eyes began to tear up as I thought of how much the Universe showers over my life. I felt the words of my Teacher reminding me that our aches and longings do not come from the mind. I asked inside again and again if I may break through the resistance and feel the pulsating of my heart's dream. Like lightening flashes the waves continued to rush towards me over and over again. By now I could not stop sobbing with joy. I kept thinking: "Show me. Show me." I wanted to sit there for an eternity but knew that my friend was waiting. Looking back at the waves as we walked to the car, I reminded every cell of my body to remember that feeling vividly.

There are pockets in my life where I allow myself to get comfortable and forget that experiencing my True Being is my focus. My personality is my belief level and this is my opportunity to raise my expectations and be free from conditions. In his last webinar, my Teacher reminded us of how many paradigms mankind has had to continuously break through. We once believed that the earth was flat or that the sun travelled around the earth. By discovering a new reality, everything in our world and the way we thought about it changed. Mankind was so resistant to acknowledge the truth until scientific evidence convinced them otherwise. How brave were those that knew before the data was produced.

I feel exciting times are ahead. Join in on the webinars if you like. Just click here and sign up for the newletter for the webinar information. I guarantee that you have not heard a speaker like this before. Now is a great time to listen because he is just beginning the 4 Proclamations Cycle this week.

I am rich because of what I have learned from Mr. Sen. I see how many other lives around me have been changed as a result of using the meditational and visioning exercises he adapted from the ancients to suit our 21st century chattering mindset. The other day I met an incredible woman who says that these webinars are changing her whole life and she thanked me over and over for recommending "Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World" to her. I let her know about his meditation cd and she got really excited. I saw her eyes sparkle and felt the warmth of her heart. It is the greatest pleasure passing on this wisdom to others whle still learning to master the principles for myself.

The other day a beautiful idea came to my mind and I wrote in my journal:
"I understand for the first time why we have specific gifts and talents and why it is so crucial to bring out the highest expression of them. In the expression of Consciousness (Creation), we grow in awareness and celebrate our own relationship with Divinity."

And so this artwork, song lyrics and blog entry is an offering to that Divinity which ever guides me through this powerful and beautiful life. I close my eyes and feel the roaring water and its limitless generosity. I feel the words : "straight to that bright shining Sun in the Name of the One I have my claim where I live my own dream again."


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Susan Williamson said...

I'm certain that there's no one like you in the universe like you Ganga and that's why I love your songs, your insights and your art (which I'd describe as a psychedelic meditation of the highest order). I could really relate to that experience you had at the lake too. I think it was Joseph Conrad who said "the sky and sea were molded together without a joint" ...only you said it better!