Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter 2: "I Feel a Light on My Face"


"Father sky asked me to close my eyes and see
The inner landscape is endless and generous
Father sky asked me not to forget the Source of All
In his song he took me back to places I had forgotten
He showed me the pain of ages
Where we had lost ourselves in endings
We began to limit ourselves in beginnings
We lost touch with the infinite Source of All
Father sky asked me to close my eyes and see
In that seeing a feeling arose from the depths
In that heated flame a picture began to emerge
The inner landscape blossomed on every side
In that blossoming rose the children of the earth
Each child shaped and formed in the water of life
The wind breathed them to being and drew them forth
Father sky asked me to open the heart of my eyes
Open the heart of my ears
Open the heart of my skin
Open the heart of my taste
Open the heart of my smell
Open the heart of my womb
In that sweet crescendo of feeling a new dream awoke
A new child opened its mind and began to sing"

Ganga Fondan, 2009

Artwork and poetry is a meditation on the following words:

"Your Consciousness is all powerful. All the power of the Universe, past, present and future, the power that created the sky, the earth, the galaxies, a grain of sand, a flower - is in you at this very moment. You don't need to go anywhere else for your building materials or the worlkforce to build your vision. You already have it. " - Tulshi Sen, "Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World"

I woke up this morning before the sun came out. I knew this day was special. I knew that the sun would not rise because it is always there flaming and beautiful in the sky. The ceremonial day was beginning. This is my renewal. This is my story. As I slowly dressed I looked out at the stars still bright in the sky. The sky just kept begging for my attention. I stopped for a coffee and bagel on the way to the shop. Sitting there staring at the dark sky, my heart felt light so I pulled out my notebook and started to write. The words came pouring out. The last few lines completely framed my day:

"This is another chance to embrace the gift that meets me on the horizon over and over. What can I do but sing? The Abundance falls like rain and all I have to do is face it, acknowledge it and rise with it each morning. The new day is loaded full of success, compassion and love."

Now it is dark again. The artwork and poetry of this post flow effortlesly from within. The sun has hidden itself again and the dark sky is capturing my thoughts. This glorious day washes over me and in its ebbing opens up new vistas and possibilities. A new courage now rises which chapter one was only preparing me for. May Grace and Gratitude stay by my side for they are the true sisters of my happiness.