Thursday, October 1, 2009

"All Girls are Princesses"

"All Girls are Princesses"

“What makes her the most beautiful
is that her heart sees crystal clearly
Though born in simple circumstances
Her treasures are her thoughts
Filled with romance and music
Wherever she encounters life
She holds it up against the light
And sees the most amazing wonders
Without money she wears the autumn leaves
And colored feathers of birds in her hair
When her accounts overflow again
She decorates herself with gold and diamonds
When no one understands this and casts her out
She sits in the shade of the cool trees
And sing songs with nature in the moonlight
When others begin to curiously hover
She takes their hands in hers and dances
She is a daughter of Abundance itself
And pours onto the canvas of my psyche
Out of No-Thing she arises
to stir the poetry of Self-Creation”

This posting is a meditation on the following quote discussed by Tulshi Sen in his Webinar entitled: “How Do I Accomplish What is Beyond my Means?”

“That is Infinite. This is Infinite. From that Infinite arises this Infinite. This Infinite is brought forth from That Infinite and That Infinite remains Infinite.”

Isha Upanishad

I remember one night a few years ago, Narayan and I lay awake in our bedroom as a beautiful stream of moonlight poured over us. We had just come home from another seminar with our Teacher and were confronted with idea of our own "lack mentality".
Our conversation went something like this:

Ganga: The whole idea of limitlessness is overwhelming. I never really thought about it so deeply before.

Narayan: Yeah I know what you mean.

Ganga: I mean I never really ask for EVERYTHING nor do I really allow myself to think of what that everything might be.

Narayan: I think my parents had lack mentality too. Like you should be happy with what you have and not ask for too much.

Ganga: I really thought that if I take more than what I should, that I take away from others and I feel guilty. Like the sky was one round pie and the pieces were divided out and there was a test to see how much each person would take.

Narayan: (chuckles) Our world is a pie, my Princess. I get you all to myself. I love you.

Ganga: I love you forever too. Limitlessly. Limitlessly. Limitlessly.

Yesterday my Teacher challenged us again in the Webinar to go deeper into that feeling of want inside. "If we had all the means in the world what would we want?"
I was reminded of that conversation with Narayan. I've come such a long way since that night, but I still go deeper into the feeling and grow. Over time, my imagination has loosened up and I can see more than ever before. Another interesting thing said in the webinar is that "no desire ever comes from our mind", and "all desires originate in the Universe".

Just before I met Narayan, I had the feeling that I was ready to have a long term relationship and something so deep inside was aching to form a Vision of a powerful and ideal man for myself. I remember that feeling so clearly. It came from beyond reason and rose from beyond my thoughts. Lately I have wanted to feel that passionate again but I'm not exactly sure what it is yet so the songs and artwork and music bring me forward and show me a way.

If you would like to listen to a recording of last nights or others please click here and indulge yourself. Life transforming and cutting edge tools ae given to rise above your current want and dive into true desire from the heart.

Also I want to reread the suggested Chapter Six of "Ancients Secrets of Success for Today's World" entitled: The Everyday Magic of Creating From No-Thing. - The Substance of Your Personal Creative Power That Gets You What You Want

Have a truly magnificent rest of your week.

PS Oh and BTW, did you know what the biggst fear of the mind is?
Answer: Fear of heights. It dreads upward aspirational thoughts.
(I learned that in the Webinar too.)

* - quote from "A Little Princess" movie

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Teaching Kids Yoga said...

Beautiful poem about what riches truly are: "her treasures are her thoughts"

So true - what good is all the rest if your thoughts aren't rich.