Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reaching for the Audacious Vision

Dare to Live A Free Life of Audacious Creativity

After another intense audiocast from : "How can I Stop Those Damn Thoughts From Coming Into My Mind", Master of Imagination, Tulshi Sen pushed his students to the brink today by asking them: "Do you want to know more or do more? Are you economizing your thinking according to your circumstances or do you dare to desire what you really want to experience in your life?" There is no room in between. Mastery of thought requires unlimited discipline and no reliance on present circumstances.

He reminded us of the worms, depending only on their circumstances to survive and then there are the flies buzzing from the flower to the dung heap back and forth...positive then negative, positive then negative thinking again and again. I want to be the Bee basking in the focus and sweetness of that which is honey to me. Each of us has our own vision of what that means. Still when I really think about my imagination stretching,... somehow the fly thoughts come in there and I think about my circumstances again. No matter how many books I read or things I think I know, my reliance on them always falls short because my thinking seems to go back to the old pattens again. Continuing with the Four Proclamations, I feel the "buzz" of the Bee and my urge to create rises again.

Singing keeps me reaching beyond everything that is around me in the physical world. The power of my relationship to my Consciousness shifts and I begin to soar into auspicious Creation. May the fly mentality surrender to that wonderous Bee focus as I live in the nectar of my True Heart's Desire. May it be true for all those who crave more out of life. Here's to all our Success.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Words of Solitary and Universal Euphoria

Sing a song of gratefulness in the hardest moments...

When through music the world comes into my vision,
I see Him, I know Him.
Then with the language of his radiance,
The sky is filled with love.
Each fragment of dust is awakened,
And speaks a golden word.

It is then that he ceases to be an outsider
and enters into my very being;
and my heart trembles
With every blade of grass.
Then the lines of all visible forms
Are washed away in a flood of nectar;
And I can hear the murner
Of all created things.

Rabindranath Tagore
(translation: Aruna Chakravati
"Songs of Tagore Rendered Into English" (1987)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are you "Beeing" Aware?

Which kind of Thinking Habits Do You Possess?

In this morning's newsletter from, I received a seven minute discourse on 3 types of thinking. I wanted to figure out what type of thinker typifies me.

The first type of thinker is the worm, hanging out in the dark mud, seeing only mud and thinking only mud. It is destructive in nature.

The second type of thinker is the fly, one minute on a beautiful flower and the next minute on a dung heap...not discriminating with a thousand eyes in every direction and infecting all around itself.

The third is the bee, focusing, buzzing and landing on it's exquisite target every time. Ready for the nectar of life in every moment. No nonsense. Complete clarity and no settling for anything less. It is a producer of sweet honey. I'll have mine on toast thank-you very much.

Well...I figured out that I want to be that buzzing third honey bee.

It's funny, when I was young...I wanted to get buzzed and tune-out, run away and suffocate my troubles...and now learning to meditate and watch my thoughts, getting buzzed is more of a tuning into the "buzz" and vibration of life. No side-effects and much more feelings of genuine peacefulness. Now it's easier to create. So this posting was made while contemplating all that. Here's to "bee'ing" more aware!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Vision of Childhood Resurrected

A Vision of Girlhood Resurrected

Through the eyes of woman peers the disillusioned girl.
She thought to find so much more than life has shown her.
She thought to seek substance greater than earthly wealth.
Her task is monumental but the world’s ways have failed her.
Now imagination becomes dull
and procreation even more obscure…
What did she come to give if not that which she is?
Who shall show her how to look within?
Who shall show her the magical colors of her own Vision?
Who shall teach her to listen to the ecstatic Songs of her own soul?
Who shall teach her that she is the mother of generations?
That she is the lap of creation itself?
Let each of us ask and find her within.
Let each of us be accountable for her resurrection.
Let us declare her free to lift this world to new heights.
Let us find the mother in the eyes of girlhood again.