Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reaching for the Audacious Vision

Dare to Live A Free Life of Audacious Creativity

After another intense audiocast from : "How can I Stop Those Damn Thoughts From Coming Into My Mind", Master of Imagination, Tulshi Sen pushed his students to the brink today by asking them: "Do you want to know more or do more? Are you economizing your thinking according to your circumstances or do you dare to desire what you really want to experience in your life?" There is no room in between. Mastery of thought requires unlimited discipline and no reliance on present circumstances.

He reminded us of the worms, depending only on their circumstances to survive and then there are the flies buzzing from the flower to the dung heap back and forth...positive then negative, positive then negative thinking again and again. I want to be the Bee basking in the focus and sweetness of that which is honey to me. Each of us has our own vision of what that means. Still when I really think about my imagination stretching,... somehow the fly thoughts come in there and I think about my circumstances again. No matter how many books I read or things I think I know, my reliance on them always falls short because my thinking seems to go back to the old pattens again. Continuing with the Four Proclamations, I feel the "buzz" of the Bee and my urge to create rises again.

Singing keeps me reaching beyond everything that is around me in the physical world. The power of my relationship to my Consciousness shifts and I begin to soar into auspicious Creation. May the fly mentality surrender to that wonderous Bee focus as I live in the nectar of my True Heart's Desire. May it be true for all those who crave more out of life. Here's to all our Success.

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