Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Bee-lieving in Myself"


Easy peasy. Go to the park for the day. Bring a stop watch and a notebook. Amidst the blowing breeze, the dog walkers and the kids in the park, ...just breathe and focus on your Vision. That was the exercise for today . Hmmmmm...I couldn't believe the results. He said it would be grueling...but I had no idea what I was really getting into. This "bee thinking" has its moments. I don't want to disclose too many details about the actual experience incase you have not tried it yet. It may taint the genuine outcome for you. I can tell you this: Be true to the way the exercise is outlined in the 4 minute audio pasted below. Master Visionary, Tulshi Sen gives another tool for confidence building and living the life you really want to live.

I want to digest this experience a bit before commenting on it. I can tell you that I feel something has shifted for me. It feels powerful and connected. I want to continue with the 15 minutes a day for a while. I feel that my understanding of the value of these exercises is growing exponentially. Its not always easy to stand face to face with your own weaknesses, but there is something deliciously honest and organic about seeing yourself become more alive and in tune with everything. Last night as I was falling asleep, the words "My Consciousness is the Creator" echoed around in my head. It felt glorious. I woke up this morning buzzing with "bee-aware" clarity. Today I revel in that feeling. I know this is the turning point for something fantastic and all-revealing.

Listen to this short clip and challenge yourself with a day of audacious visioning. (Just click this bar here...)

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Susan Williamson said...

What an amazing exercise and one that I must try. It's true that the mind depends on circumstances and the heart bursts forth, so it's much better to get out there and be in the moment instead of just thinking about doing it.
P.S. The word verification I got for this post was evolvee which I think suits you to a "T."