Friday, June 12, 2009

"Bee-ing Free in the Sea of No Conditions"


I don't know what is happening this week, but it feels a little like falling in love. The "bee-ing aware" visioning exercises mentioned in the previous posting are loosening some of the residual fear I didn't even realize was still limiting my thinking. Moving full speed ahead with my daily journeys into the "Sea of No Conditions", I feel like an explorer seeking a treasure that I'm just beginning to embrace in my Imagination. Sometimes I see those moments when I fear to want too much and that those things that are aching to burst free from the depth of my being are unattainable. These exercises are showing me that they are the most valuable parts of myself that I came here to experience. I don't want to run through the heroic stories of others over and over anymore, I want to activate my own. When all I felt was loss in the past, I needed the poetry and faith of other artists to dance with me in the freedom of existence but now I want to revel in the songs that are coming from deep within. Merge them with my daily living. Romance with the idea and the form. Go where I have never gone before.

The value of the watch and notepad results of my "bee aware" exercises are showing me the rigidity of the mind and its apprehension to make this leap. This helps me to see this ruthless challenger and recognize its tactics. The patterns repeat themselves over and over and reveal to me the source of my apprehension to let go. Sometimes unexpected variables appear and like mirrors they reflect unexplored or abandoned ideas that seek their expression in the fullness of my life. I've never been afraid to imagine but I realize that creating the life of my Imagination is something that repeating the Four Proclamations is about. I Am the Creator. Consciousness creates my Reality.


tall penguin said...

I love that you have a launch date for your CD!!! YAY!!!

tall penguin said...

Well, it's your website launch but I know where it's going so in my mind it's the same thing. :)