Monday, May 24, 2010

"Where Dreams Really Do Come True"

"Where Dreams Really Do Come True"

In my effort to find you
I made you into the image of everything I knew
The memory bank was full of reference points
First a ghost, a man, the wind, the stars
Then a breeze, a whisper, the pen, the paper
The lover, the husband, the friend, the song
Like Dorothy in a dream every piece of my life
Spoke to me through you
Until she was sent back
To wake up and smash through the illusion
All along the props were designed to teach
To be the teacher
To be the lesson
To be the student
And the learning itself
Everything is a dream
My right hand reaches through the curtain
To touch the sky
While my left clings affectionately
To everything beautiful the breath has shaped
Knowing full well you are these still lingering
Like the sweet sleep just before the dawn

Ganga Fondan 2010

Journal Notes: May 24, 2010
Staring into the dark night, I reach into a place which is neither attainable nor unattainable. The place of art and poetry eases me into connection. The tools are alive as Consciousness leads me in a dance of release and holding. My mind blissfully follows. After the layers of digital colors and after the poetry ... the silence waits: "There's no place like home."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disappear Into the Magic of a Song

Disappear Into the Magic of a Song

"Life is thinking and feeling. Feeling creates thought and thought creates a mold which the Universe works to fill instantaneously. It pours the Universal substance into the mold of thought to manifest it. That is why Science today declares we create by observation. Consciousness creates reality. The Universe is observer created." - Tulshi Sen

The artist in me doesn't want to think of how the laws of the Universe operate. I just want to express and have the work tell me its own story. I've read the above passage over and over these last few years and it is not until today that it actually thrills me to read and repeat this particular excerpt. Why? I suddenly realize why I feel so much resistance to learning how to do a thing before I have found a way through it on my own. It's actually because of the following poem inspired by the artwork that I understand the principle. Feelings poured out of me years ago that turned into dozens of songs and then afterwards, graphic art pieces. The Universe was opening a pathway for me to follow and all I had to do was let go and ask for the expression. It thrills me to no end now because, I can cite aspects of this journey scientifically and artistically:

an urge filled with sound arose
formulated with a question
which sputtered out
years ago over a pool of tears
aching for the song
that would take the pain away
just so my life could dance every day
out of the darkness
from the depths of a vivid and pulsating Universe
came a rhythm
came an answer
came a melody
that burst into a crescendo of music
filled with joyous movement
my Heart brings forth the abundance
out of No-Thing over and over
until my body disappears in this jubilation
and I AM everywhere all at once

Ganga Fondan 2010

Without the actual feeling of an experience, how can merely knowing the laws enrich our lives? I meet dozens of people every week who want to read a book on falling in love, on dieting, on how to be a good parent, on how to have less clutter and all the while they remain oblivious as to why the last book didn't quite do the trick. The answers are not in mere knowledge alone. When the ache to experience these things is so strong, the Universe will comply. In this substance we lose ourselves to the experience and witness the manifestation of the very thing that eluded us. The true Masters who know this always bring the focus back to the inner Self. the place we dream from, create from and manifest from is within us. Our challenge is only to release ourselves from the clutches of our own past conditioning which finds endless ways to increase our reliance on anything other than what we know to be true within.

I remember once how my Teacher smiled and told us:
"First came art and then came science to explain art."

As I continue to reread "Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World" over and over again, I feel the laws alive more and more in my heart. These meditations open me up to create and honor the impulses that come up and the tools of visioning guide me to focus and be vigilant on this path of Self discovery. The language of Consciousness continues to reveal its wonders.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Delight in the Music of the Paradoxical Quest

Singing through this Paradoxical Quest

Why should I care to find my song?
Why should you care to find yours?
Don’t we vibrate in an Ocean of Sound?
Does the dream of reaching ourselves
To finally know who we are
To finally know where we are going
Delight an Answer in limitless queries?
Don’t our bodies soak in possibility
Within the larger symphony of stars and galaxies
Beyond all mathematical perplexity?
Will our shallow throated emissions
Penetrate the shells still dividing us?
From nowhere and everywhere
This paradoxical quest holds the Tune
We are each an aspect of its vital Harmony
We find our journey waiting and singing to us
To invoke a much deeper throated response
Until we feel ourselves to be Home

Ganga Fondan, 2010

A week ago, while walking under a great tree filled with birds singing so beautifully, I wondered how they all know how to make this sound as a group. The songs literally lifted my heart. I stood completely silent. I just let their chirping soak deeply into me. It felt wholesome and sweet. Through the tiny bodies of birds came this soothing and this joyful vibration. Staring at the other people walking by I noticed that most of them were wearing headphones. I thought about how often I hear but I really don't listen to what's really happening all around me. There are natural sounds. There are man-made sounds. In a movie called "August Rush", a young boy looks around and feels all of it like a great symphony and uses this Song of Life to find his parents. Can we find a similar way of navigating?

The songs that poured through my heart all these years have a deeper purpose than even I know. So many times I've wondered what they are for? Now I feel myself wanting to sing again and find the answer. When I sing it feels like all the cells of my body become centered and peaceful. I wonder if that is why the birds carry on as passionately as they do. I feel like they are small guides singing me Home. In this place there is no stress or fear. There is no need for greed or jealousy. In this place I know the whole world joins in to delight in the exhilarating celebration of life.