Thursday, December 29, 2011

By Listening, my Heart Sees and Sings Its Joy

By Listening, the Images Rise So Vividly Within Me and the Voice of my Heart Sings Over and Over: “Everything Is One”.

Tonight a storm brews restless
It makes me feel uptight
I try to sing a peaceful song
But I just can’t seem to get it right
Oh let this darkness be removed
And cast into the sea
Of myself I do nothing
So I call the Warrior in me
Too many times I try it alone
And fall down deep in despair
And yet I know in each moment
You are always there
You lead me everywhere

Tonight I ask for a new song
From that kingdom deep within
I ask in that Holy Name
Creator of Everything
You lift this heart to sing
And then the darkness is removed
And cast into the sea
Of myself I do nothing
You are the Music in me

© Ganga Fondan, 1999

Journal Entry: December 29, 2011

By meditating on the 4 Proclamations, by continuously seeking new ways to express daily discoveries of unity and by playing with music and digital art, the sweetest revelations come one by one. This joy spills over into my day-to-day life and continues to lead me onward in such profound ways.

May you find the stories and songs of your Heart. May they guide your life forward towards more peace and prosperity in the Name of the One great Heart of all Creation.

"If you truly love yourself, you will take on the responsibility of self-direction." - Tulshi Sen

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Run Where the Brave Dare Not Go

*Run Where the Brave Dare Not Go...

May you find and keep balance in Faith
Never stop believing in the impossible dream
The one that aches to be born through you
The one that seems the hardest to believe in
The one that makes every defeat a victory
The one that promises to be your greatest teacher


December 25, 2011

After treating myself to How We Can Have Giant Visions , I am reminded again of how I have settled for comfort and convenience instead of really wholeheartedly embracing the desires of my heart. I want to start this new upcoming year with clarity and courage. In so many ways, meditating on the 4 Proclamations has strengthened my daily interactions with the world. I feel more and more connected to the people and events around me. Art and poetry richly flow through as Consciousness reveals profound and wonderful aspects of myself.

In the next few months, I will review all 18 chapters again in order to continue to master the timeless principles of living a life of self-direction. I cannot express enough gratitude for how these principles continue to transform my relationships with family and friends, my attitude towards what freedom means to me, my desire to truly follow my heart and my intention to expand happiness. Listening to this seminar again today, I can see the places where I still settle for the recycled thoughts and desires of others.

This is my life work: to master my thoughts.

We Are What We Think!!!!!