Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stretch Your Self and Feel the "Intoxication of Imagination" :

You See Things; and You Say, 'Why?' But I Dream Things That Never Were; and I Say, "Why Not?"  - George Bernard Shaw, "Back to Methuselah"

Dive unafraid into the Ocean of Consciousness
Know that every single thing 
Sings alive this WaterSong
Drown deeper and deeper into Trust
From every point in space
The resurrecting Power comes
Gives all that ever was
Or will ever be
Not until our old skin loses its hold
Can something Divine and Profound
Dance free of the world of conditions
Embrace a New and Bolder Life
Than was ever known
Or ever imagined before

© Ganga Fondan, 2012

Journal Entry, July 29, 2012

You See Things; and You Say, 'Why?' But I Dream Things That Never Were; and I Say, "Why Not?"  - George Bernard Shaw, "Back to Methuselah"

All the things that can be explained in a world of rules remain limited.  If we believe in Eternity or Infinity, then how much stretching from beyond our mediocre daily thoughts does it take to truly feel free?  Yesterday   while trying to justify my art journey, (which one never needs to do BTW) I realized the most excruciating and exhilarating moments of my life are those in which individualized creativity dances in sync  with the Infinite Universal Creativity.  When a song or a piece of art glorifies that conscious connection, I feel turned on and "goosebumped", tears come to my eyes and there is for that time a complete feeling of utter Peace.  My Teacher used to call this feeling the "Intoxication of Imagination."  

When I feel worried about something or someone, again I turn to my understanding of what is Limitlessness.  In Love and Trust, a new image can be shaped and held in mind.  Though the old self wriggles and struggles and craves to find a solution in its memory bank, a New Self embraces courage and draws from a much larger canvas or sings ideals beyond any previously held aspiration.  My Teacher once asked us if we have ever seen a snake shed its skin.  It writhes around and thrashes about while desperately  rubbing itself against anything that will tear away the old and dying layer.  Underneath awaits a new life of resilience and rejuvenation.  

I meet so many people who feel trapped in their set ways.  Years of routine and judgments have closed their imagination to all great possibilities of how life can be.  I see the pain in their faces, hear their self-abnegation and feel their lack luster lives.  Maybe a loved once is sick, or a relationship is souring, maybe finances have bottomed out or failing health is a concern.  We all go through tremendous challenges.  How do we go beyond these?  If we can be courageous enough to sacrifice our limiting arena of thinking and look up at the infinite number of stars above and see ourselves not as one star, but as all of them at once.  Then we get an inkling of how great and mighty the Universal Possibilities can be.  Only then can we start to image the life we really want to design for ourselves.  Then, as my Teacher repeated to us over and over:

"We can think the thoughts we truly want to think and not the thoughts we don't want to think."  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Truth integrates My World As a Living Member" - Schopenhauer

“A truth is a million times more valuable when you discover it for yourself, even if it has already been revealed in a thousand books.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Through the illuminated voice of a child
Or a man
Or a woman
It may happen
Full throated and perfect
While every cell of the body stretches
Leaps high
Shakes every nerve awake
The Self
Wide-eyed and open
Feels At-One-Ment
With all humility
Ask That
Your heart may feel It:
This Joy
Once It finds you
Takes residence
When anxious thought flees
Back to a world of information
This Truth Song finds a heart to enter
And is at once at Home
© Ganga Fondan, 2012

Journal Entry July 24, 2012
"A truth is a million times more valuable when you discover it for yourself, even if it has already been revealed in a thousand books." - Arthur Schopenhauer

This latest art journey revealed many shapes and images before I could see the chamber of the heart.  At first came the shape of a huge multicolored jar containing a butterfly being with majestic colored wings.  Two figures stood outside of the jar looking in.  Both were colorless and seemingly free and the butterfly was not.  I could feel a sense of wonder from the creature in the jar.  There was no panic although I could feel it wanted to get out.  Then a shape of a Being, the sound of music and serenity, the two figures outside of the jar disappeared.  I went to my notebook and asked for guidance in this lesson. Arthur Schopenhauer's words guided me back to the digital art again.  The value of the personal experience is what creates the metamorphosis within us.  We become That.  No source outside of ourselves can create this kind of transcending.  My message is to go deeper again.  Look inside again.  Let go of what makes sense to do but cultivate that which feels right.  As in art so in life.  The message is clearly stated in Schopenhauer's third quote from the same notebook page from June 16:

"Merely let authorities confirm what you already know."       

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Song Journey to the Sun King...

“The Only Living Art is the Art which Comes from a Living Source, and that Living Source is called Inspiration.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Once more a journey to the Sun King
This time there is no fear of the Blaze
Only a heavy longing lingers
To question again where its all going
The Sun King listens attentively
With a touch on the head 
Activates the memory of an old ache to express
Reveals the once bottled pain that now feels free
Unveils the sowing of the first seed
A whisper into every cell of Being
Beyond sound
Beyond elation
Beyond expression
It pours in and through
And then these words:
“There will never be another exactly like you”
Endless images of beauty flash and shine:   
“There will never be a life exactly like mine”
Then joy comes spilling over into song
Melodies pour forth
From a distance the radiant Sun King adds:
“Savor every drop”

©Ganga Fondan, 2012 

Journal Entry July 2, 2012

What does it mean to be an individual?  How do we embrace this life experience in such a way that honors the gift, the giver and that which is given?  There are so many aspects which remain mysterious as to who we are and why we are here.  Yet what is clearer to me now is that there will never be anyone with the same perspective on life, with the same desire to express, with the same adoration for music and poetry in the way that my heart thrives and feels bliss in expressing.  The songs and the artwork are wonderful to share and to pass on.  Others may bask in the light of something we have discovered.  It may help them to find their own light.  If the intention to create begins with wanting to show others the way, something vital and life-giving can be lost.  First and foremost a communication between the Universal and the Self opens up.  In that beauty a song blossoms or an exploration into color and form initiates on canvas or a poem seed bursts forth.  This conversation with the Creator or Creative Force opens us up to be awake on our journey.  The more we live in Consciousness, the more this innovation comes.  

Meditation on the 4 Principles reminds me over and over that we are not separate from the Divine, but an active agent of Consciousness and Creation.  With every outpouring, my life has more to offer in all of its undertakings.  The mysterious and miraculous remain constants in my day to day living.  This posting is a moment of questioning.  A moment of pause and wondering if I'm wasting my time and energy?  Can this life be better spent in other endeavors?  Before rolling out of bed this morning, these questions buzzed around my brain.  Later upon reflection, the answer came : I am a miracle of nature.  My toes, hair, knees, chin and elbows are nowhere else but on this body and so this goes on for a while...until I ask to keep this feeling as a reminder.  Six hours later, my fingers type these words...