Thursday, May 6, 2010

Delight in the Music of the Paradoxical Quest

Singing through this Paradoxical Quest

Why should I care to find my song?
Why should you care to find yours?
Don’t we vibrate in an Ocean of Sound?
Does the dream of reaching ourselves
To finally know who we are
To finally know where we are going
Delight an Answer in limitless queries?
Don’t our bodies soak in possibility
Within the larger symphony of stars and galaxies
Beyond all mathematical perplexity?
Will our shallow throated emissions
Penetrate the shells still dividing us?
From nowhere and everywhere
This paradoxical quest holds the Tune
We are each an aspect of its vital Harmony
We find our journey waiting and singing to us
To invoke a much deeper throated response
Until we feel ourselves to be Home

Ganga Fondan, 2010

A week ago, while walking under a great tree filled with birds singing so beautifully, I wondered how they all know how to make this sound as a group. The songs literally lifted my heart. I stood completely silent. I just let their chirping soak deeply into me. It felt wholesome and sweet. Through the tiny bodies of birds came this soothing and this joyful vibration. Staring at the other people walking by I noticed that most of them were wearing headphones. I thought about how often I hear but I really don't listen to what's really happening all around me. There are natural sounds. There are man-made sounds. In a movie called "August Rush", a young boy looks around and feels all of it like a great symphony and uses this Song of Life to find his parents. Can we find a similar way of navigating?

The songs that poured through my heart all these years have a deeper purpose than even I know. So many times I've wondered what they are for? Now I feel myself wanting to sing again and find the answer. When I sing it feels like all the cells of my body become centered and peaceful. I wonder if that is why the birds carry on as passionately as they do. I feel like they are small guides singing me Home. In this place there is no stress or fear. There is no need for greed or jealousy. In this place I know the whole world joins in to delight in the exhilarating celebration of life.

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