Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are you "Beeing" Aware?

Which kind of Thinking Habits Do You Possess?

In this morning's newsletter from, I received a seven minute discourse on 3 types of thinking. I wanted to figure out what type of thinker typifies me.

The first type of thinker is the worm, hanging out in the dark mud, seeing only mud and thinking only mud. It is destructive in nature.

The second type of thinker is the fly, one minute on a beautiful flower and the next minute on a dung heap...not discriminating with a thousand eyes in every direction and infecting all around itself.

The third is the bee, focusing, buzzing and landing on it's exquisite target every time. Ready for the nectar of life in every moment. No nonsense. Complete clarity and no settling for anything less. It is a producer of sweet honey. I'll have mine on toast thank-you very much.

Well...I figured out that I want to be that buzzing third honey bee.

It's funny, when I was young...I wanted to get buzzed and tune-out, run away and suffocate my troubles...and now learning to meditate and watch my thoughts, getting buzzed is more of a tuning into the "buzz" and vibration of life. No side-effects and much more feelings of genuine peacefulness. Now it's easier to create. So this posting was made while contemplating all that. Here's to "bee'ing" more aware!!!!


Susan Williamson said...

I could really relate to this post. At one point or another I've engaged in all three types of thinking, although I would definitely like to bee and go for the nectar.

IskconInformation said...

haven read anything but like your interest
mine is yoga