Monday, October 8, 2012

Love Never Fails...

To Stretch Far Beyond the Enticing World of Form and Surrender to that Canvas of Consciousness

We Live in a World Made of Love

I go to the woods to listen

My Heart explodes in a thousand themes
As each leaf lands
Life ends
Life leaps 
Falling to
Falling from
Sounds are the same
What is free will
If not free love
Pieces come together
The answer doesn't matter
The brain shuts off
The feeling is alive and free
The woods sing me this song
I Am a tree in jubilation

Journal Entry October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

This day is another chance to see the new and choose the life of my Heart.  This day coaxes me to spend time in nature, to journal new ideas, to review the navigational wisdom gifted to me.  Today is another opportunity to strengthen the bond with those who ache to fly and dream the great dream within.  Today is another chance to bow to Creation Itself and feel breath entering in and exiting the body.  Today my arms raise to the unlimited sky and proclaim "I Am That!!  I Am That".

Ancient Secrets Affirmation:

"My Individual Consciousness is the same as Universal Consciousness.

My whole Being is saturated with this feeling.
I vision with an unlimited mind
and physically manifest my Vision with certainty.
I know my Power and ask the Power,
And the Power will give unfailingly."

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