Sunday, August 2, 2009

Traveling Home with the Little Blue Pony

The Legend of the Little Blue Pony

My first car was a blue Hyundai Pony which opened up a whole new world to me. Sitting behind the wheel, listening to my favorite tunes, I used to travel all across Canada and even the Universe on certain days. I paid for the down payment with the money my maternal grandmother left for me to buy a piano to encourage me musically. Before she left this world, she promised me she would always give me some sort of sign that she would always be around. Often I would park in a farmer's field and lie against the windshield of that Pony and look up at the evening sky. I could not see or feel her. I felt so frustrated and lost sometimes. I wanted her to know that I needed a car more than music in my life. Maybe she didn't understand. Eventually I started to feel intense stirrings in my heart and this song (written almost 15 years later) embodies what I felt and how far I travelled to find my answers. The little Blue Pony was always a real little horse to me because he had such a great adventurous spirit and agile gentleness. This is our journey together:

"I remember driving my little blue pony
through dusty back roads and wheat fields
and cornfields watching the sun set.
This helped me to forget all the things
that I wanted to run away from.
Then I’d stop to look at the trees
and see the branches moving in the breeze
and I’d always feel your Hand
reaching out to guide me to You
Reaching out knowing I needed You.

Then one day You handed me
a pair of rose colored glasses
The kind that let me see beauty
behind all the hurt and the fear and the lies.
Rose-colored glasses
I wore happily
Rose-colored glasses
to teach me to see.
Oh watching the sun rise
Looking for my Heart,
Looking for my Heart

I remember driving my little blue pony
to Toronto away from Alberta
heading towards something.
Heading towards anything
that would help me to grow
to better know you my Heart
Rose-colored glasses I wore faithfully
knowing that someday
I would be with You
and I’d stop to look at the trees
and see the branches moving in the breeze
I would always feel your Hand
reaching out
to guide me to You
Reaching out
knowing I’ll make it through.

Now you’ve taken away those rose-colored glasses.
I no longer need them to see
that You’re right here inside me
to teach me, to guide me,
Oh You set me free
watching the sun rise,
following my Heart,
following my Heart,
following my Heart.

And I’ll always remember
The little blue pony
and all the roads
that led me to You."

Ganga Fondan, 1998

Every day I recognize that everything I look for in the outer world first reveals its form in the inner One. Everything I longed for: my grandmother's kiss in the wind, to be one with my soulmate (who has now reached the other world) and to find the Truth of who I am and where I am going (the Outer Teacher reveals the Inner Teacher), my life continues to show me over and over that there is no separation between my deepest desires and my dreams fulfilled. Their existence is one. What I have held and loved never truly disappears, only changes form. I can not contact that knowing place with my ever limited measuring mind. This song leads to the source of this knowing: the Heart, or Consciousness.

"Your Consciousness is not time and space bound. It is free from the past, present, and the future, which is the realm of the mind. The stuff of Vision is Consciousness. You cannot Vision in the past and you know you cannot Vision in the present; it is too fleeting a moment to do so, and you cannot Vision in the future; you can only Vision in the Absolute and your vision is not suject to any contingency or condition. Therefore it is already yours. You go about your daily life knowing that you already have it. It is no longer a make-believe world, it is real. Your Vision is your reality." - Tulshi Sen, "Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World"

So many people ask me how it is possible to find the right life partner or get the right job. They feel overwhelmed with the books on the laws of attraction and positive thinking. There is a look of frenzy in their eyes to know how to get what they want. I dedicate my life to passing on the knowledge that was given me. I know that the ancient tools work. We don't have to do it alone. We each take off our rose-colored glasses in our own time. Then we can let go and let the symbolical little blue Pony take us to our True Home.

We are One.


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