Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rejoice in the Jubilant Birdsongs

Rejoice in the Jubilation of Birds

Where is that connecting point in which the Almighty meets with the child of creation? How do we know that there is no separation between the flow of all nature and the movement of our own life? Many of us are taught a way to experience this either through science or religion or tradition. How many of us feel it beyond knowing it? Are there moments when the heart is so overfilled with radiance that only tears will ease that sensation of wanting to explode into a million pieces? Are there times when the pain of another moves us to break down ourselves? This is a feeling of Oneness. Where is the meeting point? Each of us must find a way to embrace Consciousness. Then we truly experience who we are and where we can go from here.

My own heart longs to continuously seek out meeting points with "That" which created me. During intense moments of singing, there has been an ecstatic feeling of connection. Sometimes it was fleeting but it lifted me for days. Maybe you have experienced passionate union with a lover where the climax was so intense, that you basked in your togetherness long after. The mind surrenders and Consciousness floods our day to day life with possibility and Vision. Effortlessly we focus on all the glorious dreams of our heart. We write poetry and dance. We smile at others and give generously because we feel the unlimited abundance within us. This is another way to find a meeting place with Consciousness.

Recently two events have directed me towards the songs of birds to explore more deeply this journey into Unity. In his last book "Medicine Paint" published shortly after his passing last year, Dale Auger, a profound and gifted aboriginal artist from Canada reveals that the "Winged Ones" give us messages from beyond and are also a symbol of inner expression and voice. As I stared into his paintings on each page, tears of recognition came pouring down my face. I felt the Truth of his ideas. He painted in complete communion with that "Meeting Point" and drew forth the wisdom from that place. In one picture, he invokes the inner spirit in a painting of a small bird coming our of his mouth. He reaches far within himself to access his Oneness. By doing so he still reaches out to me long after his physical body has made the artwork. He reaches out through timelessness and spacelessness to teach me this secret he knew through birds.

More wisdom then came through an article which discussed how the resonance of bird songs guides the buds to open up in Spring. What a profound revelation. There is still so much we need to know about the music of life. If we listen to the songs that vibrate deep within us, we will begin to feel the "Meeting Place" again and again. Just listen to the glorious call of every bird.

On this journey towards my unity with all things, the words of my Teacher echo again and again in my heart:

"Your Individual Consciousness is the same as Universal Consciousness. When you know this, your whole being is saturated with this feeling. Only then will you be able to Vision with an Unlimited mind, and physically manifest your Vision with certainty. You will know your Power and you will ask the Power, and the Power will give unfailingly; this is the secret behind the command, "Ask and Receive".

And so in this posting I humbly ask in the Name of One:

"Sing to me the Inside songs
from the Heart of the Creator
pulsating in all of life
weaving melodies
through every kingdom
conquered and unconquered
by glorious Vision
Reveal Thy sound of Oneness
through Essence
which came and assumed a body
and wrapped itself in time
and space to play
the game of lost and found

Sing to me the Inside Songs
that awaken every bud to bloom
with abandon and complete assurance
that the Sun will rise
again and again
that the sun will rise
and again
and again

Can you imagine being able to express your Truth with the clarity and power of birds that open the buds in Spring? In the harmony of all life, these have their place and I long to know them intimately within my very Self.

How do you express your joy and creative impulses?
I'd love to know. Write a comment below or send me an email.


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tall penguin said...

"How do you express your joy and creative impulses?"

Dancing around my living room naked.
Playing songs I love on repeat for hours.
Walking through a cemetery communing with all that is.
Making love to myself.
Making love to another.
Staring out my window becoming one with the leaves on the trees.
Eating food that my soul loves.
Lying still on the grass watching the clouds roll by.
Moments of gratitude.
Sitting on a busy street corner watching the world go by and writing in my journal.