Tuesday, August 11, 2009

While Our Lion-Hearted Soul Arises...

Awakening the Lion Within

How can we make it a habit to always see the wonder around us? It seems that the more conveniences and entertainments are available, the more we miss the romance and wonder of life. How can we remind ourselves to savour the very breathe moving so generously in and out of our bodies? How can we make our lives an enchantment and live in the bliss of beauty and abundance?

One of my favorite stories from "Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World" is "The Story of the Lion Cub Who Was Raised by Goats". It is an ancient tale about a baby lion who is adopted by a herd of goats and he is raised as one of them. One day he meets a lion and is awakened :

“The lion cub saw the majestic face of the Lion and then saw the reflection of that face in the pond. Then he saw his own reflection in the pond. He became still for a moment which felt like eternity, and then gave out a loud roar, “I am a Lion”. The Universe resounded with a joyful cry. I am a Lion.”

It took so many years for me to rejoice in this knowing. When I was a teenager, I felt the constant pain of feeling there was more to life yet no one could reveal to me what it was. I searched for the answer in religion. I felt no life and joy in all those places. I ran away to numb the pain with substances that would temporarily allow me to escape from what my Consciousness was aching to reveal to me. There was a whisper in the wind that beckoned me to look, but no one around me was feeling this so I thought there was something wrong with me. I ran for many years all the while learning about positive thinking and attracting what you want. Still I felt no heart in this wisdom and the only life I wanted was to be silly and laugh. I always found friends to do that with and still there was so much pain inside.

Years later, when I heard the story of the lion cub for the first time, I realized how much my goatlike existence had not prepared me for my lion-heart. How could it?
The story brought wells of tears to my eyes and I remember the great sense of relief that followed. My Teacher always encouraged us to question everythng. He said to ask yourself everyday "Why do I do the things I do"? His visioning and meditation tools are my equipment but the work is within myself. Then I see the Heart of the child is that Lion-Heart. We are the romance and wonder of this life. We forget. Now we can remember. This song came reminds me of this lesson always:

"We are begotten from the Love
Before the Beginning, there was One
Look into the eyes of a child
And feel that wondrous shining Sun

Most of our lives we live in thirst
Looking for water from those fast asleep
While our Lion-Hearted Soul arises
We find ourselves amongst the drowsy sheep

So we long for a place in the heart of a friend
In the arms of a lover, no beginning no end
We reach for a place and we never give in
'Till we remember ourselves
Oh we remember ourselves
and love conquers yet again"

This song will also be on the upcoming album.
Here's to gazing into the pond and seeing your own Soul.



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