Thursday, December 6, 2007

Opening the Curtain of Illusions

"We are begotten from the Love
Before the beginning, there was One
Look into the heart of a child
and see that wondrous shining Sun"

I dreamed I was a child of this world. Feeling the soft breeze on my face and the tickle of the grass beneath me, I stared up at the sparkling stars and marvelled at the wonder of creation and felt a cry from deep within to know my place in all of this.

Suddenly, out of the darkness came a figure. It stood before me smiling and cast a vision on my mind...feelings of utter freedom and knowing that all the struggles to seek and find answers had a place and purpose in my life. All of the darkness was a mere curtain now to be drawn and pulled away.

And there appeared in this dream a beautiful child of the Universe. The child laughed freely and looked deeply into my bewildered eyes. We seemed to stare for an eternity and then the re-membrance. We were one under that shining moon and sparkling stars.

When I awoke to the sound of singing birds at dawn, the child of the Universe was still within me. Laughter and joy resounded from within me. I lay there laughing. I felt a oneness with everything. I felt a feeling of complete and utter freedom.

I pass this feeling of my dream onto you.

Have a beautiful day.


PS (Lyrics from the song: Love Conquers Yet Again)
PPS (Photo art from the "Consciousness Creates" Series completely inspired by a series of lectures given by Mr. Tulshi Sen earlier this year. See: to hear his fascinating insights on repowering your imagination. Check out his teleseminars.)

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