Friday, October 5, 2007

Letters to My Consciousness

A song of wings, an urge to fly:
I raise my arms and flap.
Try as I might, my body remains captive in the dust.
When it rains,
the dust becomes caked mud,
sticks to my skin and weighs me down,
but I deny it.
I hold on to the idea that I am part of the wind,
here for a short time
until I'm blown away again.
Heavier, the dirt pulls me down
but still I deny it.
I hold on to the idea that this battle is an illusion
and soon I'll be washed clean:
in a sweet moment of revellation,
the redemption will come.
But its all too much, too heavy and too painful.
I cry uncontrollably.
I admit:
"I cannot do it alone".
Instantly, with the first humble tear,
You rise and wash me clean from the inside-out.
My burden becomes light
and I am Home.
(from "Letters to My Consciousness" - Ganga Fondan)
Artwork: "Come Home Now" (Rise of the Phoenix Series)
- Ganga Fondan

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Kamala said...

Wonderful poem! The essence is cleaning 'inside' out that leads one to real freedom and enlightenment.