Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Butterfly Song"

Rise high, rise high like a butterfly
You were meant to spread your wings
Rise high, rise high in your heart and your mind
You were meant for greater things” – Ganga Sunshine

Out of what was entangled around the fleshy body appear the forms of the conditional past. Layer upon layer that slimy liquid dries itself until there is little movement and shallow breath. In the womb, the heart of the universe beats. In the womb all doubt and fear squeeze themselves out of ancient pores with putrid smells of judgments and anxieties until at last the impulse to transform is so great, the dream unfolds.

Everything painful begins to drop away. The awkward limbs and heavy appendages dissolve into nothingness. Everything begins to follow a timeless pattern of color and shape. Everything in the blueprint of a long forgotten dream begins to appear. Longing cries out for the Universal Mother. The insatiable thirst pleads for that Nectar. There is such desperation for lightness and flight. There is an ache to reach beyond the beginning and touch Eternity. Now desire explodes and bursts all shackles of dependency and emerges a Master of the Garden.

In that stillness, Beauty continues her journey. Her wings open and close in absolute peace. She carries hope to every flower and draws from each the immortal blessing. She rides the wind. The heart of the Universe beats within her. She is the Butterfly Song of all the ages. She is begotten again and again.

“Be just like that butterfly
who floats with grace and ease.
She was just a little worm
Stuck to her life in trees.
But the vision grew inside her
And though her means were scarce and gone
That promise blossomed anyway
And now she flutters in the sun.”

May all your “Butterfly Dreams” come true,


ASOS Quote: “True desire is when your whole Being is soaked in the image of your desire and you cannot see the difference between your desire and the physical world around you.” – Tulshi Sen


Dr. Wanabee said...

Thanks for the advice. I took it. It worked.

Susan Williamson said...

I love the seamlessness of this entry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...they're beautiful and inspiring!!

Ed Vis said...

Thanks. Very touching and thought provoking indeed

Fiona Kernaghan said...

Love this piece and the name of your blog... Why do we yearn to become something like a butterfly, who's life is so fleeting? I wish they fluttered longer.