Friday, August 24, 2007

"One Song of Life"

“I’m gonna find my own dream again
I’m gonna break through these clouds of rain.
Straight to that bright shining sun,
in the name of the One
I have my claim
I’m gonna live my own dream again.”

This is the verse to a song written at a time when my husband had left this world and I felt dried out and spent and about 200 years old. I had to imagine a new fresh direction of happiness again. Writing and singing about finding a new vision for my life helped and still helps me to focus. A beautiful and memorable experience with a woman today brings the lyrics back to mind and formulates the theme of today’s posting.

While walking up Yonge Street in busy downtown Toronto, my inquisitive nose suddenly caught a whiff from the open doorway of a new chocolate shop. A young man leaning against its front window was fanning himself with some papers. As our gaze met, he handed me one of his brochures to come for some delicious free samples tomorrow. Suddenly a woman behind me dropped all her groceries and they rolled in between where the man and I were standing. As the woman and I gathered all her food back into her bags, we immediately became wrapped up in a conversation and walked all the way to the end of the street. We both agreed that nothing ever happens by accident and there must have been a reason for the connection. We laughed and she moved towards a bench on the sidewalk and sat down, now somewhat out of breath. Then she asked me if I believed we have the power to change our life? I leaned against a nearby lamppost, looked into her searching eyes and confessed that I have been on a quest for that answer for many years. At last I felt I had found something that addressed all my discoveries and aspirations. Taking my copy of “Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World” out of my shoulder bag I sat down next to her.

The intensity of our conversation continued as we discussed all the wonderful ways that positive thinking and creative visualizations are necessary tools for personal growth but to actually keep our thoughts tuned and to keep the imagination expansive enough was not all that easy. I excitedly began to tell her about Mr. Sen’s breakthrough techniques of helping to keep the mind still enough so that we can tune in to all the things that we really want to do with our lives. It is not just a matter of knowing great laws of thinking, but we must have access to our inner selves to find all the passion for the things we truly want to experience. Finding that center is up to each of us alone. We each live in a circle that ever expands out of Itself. Opening to Mr. Sen’s chapter on “Centering Yourself for Success”, I felt moved to read the excerpt from page 73:

“The center is the cause of the circumference. Without the center it is impossible to have a circumference. The center is thought and the circumference is the thing. The center radiates from itself to reproduce the circumference. In the same way, your thoughts will reach out to generate, with all the power that ever was or will be in the Universe, and radiate your thoughts into manifestation as seen by you in the center, your Absolute, your In-visible world.”

My exuberance over these words heightened as I revealed how endless songs and poems and pictures flow out of my heart when I practice the meditation on the 4 Proclamations. In the peace that comes with daily practice, innovation and aspiration yearn for fulfillment. My creative passions in turn fuel my life with patience, compassion, endurance and believing that the impossible is possible. I literally see my world transform as I go about my daily tasks. Everything is brighter, easier, more relaxed and meaningful. I can see more clearly the direction I want to head in. I can feel the Heart of the world when I feel who I am in relation to the Universe. Each of us has a unique song in our own heart and sung with others who also sing from within, will find it to be in perfect harmony because we are all One.

After giving her the website address for Mr. Sen’s book and audio teleseminars, , I wondered what dreams were still latent in her life and what she will discover from the book. For now I feel centered and inspired all over again and post this artwork of the three women singing their own songs in the great “One Song of Life”.



David said...

'Everything happens for a reason', well I had a choice tonight, meditate or spend the hour reading blogs now we can find them again after so long in isolation. I'm glad I found yours as I've been wondering how to control the chaos in life for years and am still. Few others even seem to care and just carry on without thinking about it. Luckily the few can now find each other more easily online.

Margie said...

I always forget how powerful it is, just to tell your story. Thanks for telling one from your life.