Monday, August 13, 2007

Kindle Her Wondrous Heart

A few years ago, an incredibly inspiring woman told me that aboriginal culture calls the feminine cycle, "moontime". What a beautiful name I thought. She explained that it was a sacred time for women to gather strength and fine-tune their intuitive power. That is why we become so sensitive and vulnerable. It is our bodies aching for quiet and reflection. Since we are largely the energy that draws inward, it is a sacred time for clearing and purifying our body and mind. I never forgot that poignant explanation and have since realized that profound poetry and songs emerge and reveal themselves during these phases. These feeling and thoughts are so vital to capture because they are in themselves part of the creating process which is our life.

Mr Tulshi Sen writes in his book, "Ancient Secrets of Success", that:

"Life is thinking and feeling. Feeling creates thought and thought creates a mold which the Universe works to fill instantaneously. It pours the Universal Substance into the mold of thought to manifest it. That is why Science today declares we create by observation. Consciousness creates reality. The Universe is observer created."

That is why it is so much easier to vision while I sing sometimes. The mood stirs my soul and the words themselves lift me into a picture and I feel tranported to a place of joy and abundance and complete elation. I can actually see the scene of the song and experience the fulfillment of the original desire that sparked the creation of the song. After feeling completely immersed in that elation, I can go through the rest of my day with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. What upset me before now flows like water off a duck's back. What's more is that other people can actually feel the peace in me and my experience with them elevates.

I remember a recent experience when I could not shake a particular worry from my thoughts and I sat down with my guitar and strummed the G chord over and over and the words came:

It's two in the morning and my mind just wants to play

Make me believe

that the storm clouds are here to stay...

so I close my eyes

breathe in the universe

where all my dreams come true...

and the tears that are me

and the Light that is You...

brings a Rainbow into view....
It was my moontime song. It was my vision song...which is now a gift manifested into form which brings beauty into my life. One day soon you will hear these songs and they may inspire your creative flow to form the mold of thought to design your world.

My post today is for all sisters in this world. We are so much more than anyone else can ever show us. This 21st Century world is our canvas and we have so much within us to contribute to its wealth and beauty. We come in all shapes and sizes, from every walk of life and are all Goddesses. Which one are you in my celebrational artwork? :)




Face to the Sunshine said...

I like your thoughts, and your words, too. I'll be back!

tall penguin said...

I had the pleasure of hearing this beautiful song recently. Ganga you truly shine when you play. You filled my new apartment with love and wonder.