Sunday, December 30, 2007

My New Year's Vision for all Women

“Help her let go of all the times that betrayed her
Show her the sweetness of the girl
Help her to find all the beauty deep inside
To live as a Goddess in this world”

Within every woman is the temple where the Infinitude guards its secrets. In that chamber is the meeting ground of the Creator and the Created. Who can explain the mysteries of thought taking shape? Who can explain where Creation first seeks its entrance and there forms a Being out of itself? Who can understand the wonders of earth and sky in that place of union?

Her body is designed to nurture the evolution of man. She bears the growth and the pain of his struggle. She consoles herself and seeks comfort from the Absolute and thus receives patience to keep pace with the pain of continuous expansion. She draws from “things not seen” and brings them forth to the knowledge of five senses. She formulates an image for the continuum of life and thus shapes a dream for all humanity. She offers herself up to the unknown and thus becomes a light in a dark room. Within her is the substance of life, which like a flame can light the whole world.

Woman is the Soul of man. Within her live the songs of peace. Within her lives vision and communion. Within her is the beauty and grace that man thirsts for in the outer world. She alone was chosen to expand a garden out of herself and raise powerful nations. She is the epitome of love sent forth to guard and guide the riches and sweetness of life.

Honor her. Remember her. From the womb of woman came each of us. Our heartbeats were joined with Eternity. In that water we bathed and were fed. In that sacredness we spent almost a year of our lives before the outer world was ready for us. Revere that introduction, for in that chamber each of us made a great entrance and exit.

When every woman and every man can embrace the true meaning of this, then a more powerful relationship becomes possible. Women embrace self-love and dignity and men are filled with purpose and courage again. Children grow in peace and wholeness with everything and everyone. The world has no need to exclude and conquer. It celebrates and drinks from the Unseen, knowing that there is no lack in an abundant Universe.

This is my vision for 2008: the Spirit of Woman may rise to recognize its worth and shine on for generations to come.

“Lord it’s been hard for woman
Help her now to set the mark
That she may feel your grace
And with a smile on her face
Feel all the freedom in her heart.”

All my love,

PhotoArt: “Beyond Arati”
Lyrics: “Spirit of Woman”


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tall penguin said...

Powerful Ganga.

We are strong women, born of much grief. But here we are, living each day, each breath as best we can. May 2008 bring us both our visions in completeness.