Friday, December 28, 2007

Let Me Rise In That Knowing

“Through the many faces of my life
I’ve been a daughter, a sister, a wife
Each full of love and great lessons taken in
Now it’s time for a new chapter to begin…”

What purpose does it serve to force today’s body into yesterday’s limited mold of existence? I know there is no security in what was. Even though the thread of my life reveals a little baby, a little girl and a woman, let me also feel the flower and the sunrise and ocean inside as well. I want to hear the melody of the universe in my being and dance in the glory of that experience. I want to dive deep into a clear blue sky, spread my arms and reach every point in space. I want to watch every possible color sparkle in and around me and then rest in complete stillness and nothingness.

There is a new dream awakening with the sunrise. Why measure it against anything that was true yesterday? Beyond time and space there is feeling that does not need to be sure of anything. This elation reveals itself in the stillness of the unknown. It becomes visible in the substance of things unseen. It is the comfort that comes when the question “who am I” demands a fixed answer.

Let today’s body be shaped in peace and forgiveness. Let understanding and kindness outline its features. Release the “Great Artist” within and let this moment bloom like a flower in the garden of life. In the formless world of dreams, let my heart know that nothing ever dies. The Infinite possibilities of the Creator, the Creating and the Created are ever One in a great continuous rhythm of new shapes dissolving and emerging. Let me rise in that knowing and truly live in its abundance.

“I wanna find my own dream again
I’m gonna break through these clouds of rain
Straight to that bright shining sun
In the name of the One
I have my claim
Where I live my own dream again”

PhotoArt: “Dance of Narayani”
Song Lyrics “My Own Dream”

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tall penguin said...

Lovely imagery Ganga. I particularly could see myself 'diving deep into a clear blue sky". Wow. Gives me tingles.