Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The Manifestation is Already in the Vision"

“The Manifestation is Already in the Vision” – Tulshi Sen

"We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. Yet it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities but its own talents." - Bruce Lee

These two quotations are the subject of this digital art today. So many sources of this same message keep showing up in my day to day life lately:

First there was this woman at the park with her fourteen year old daughter who wants more than anything to become a dancer and her mother quickly added that this young girl didn't have what it takes to make it as a dancer. I smiled into the eyes of the girl and confidently told the mother that she will be a dancer if she sets her mind to it. It kind of came pouring out of me with such certainty that the three of us stood there quietly for a while.

Then later in the day while watching the movie "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" there was a part where Dan Millman's Mentor, Socrates asks Dan why he loves the rings in gymnastics and Dan tells him that he has loved it since childhood. It was the first thing he ever remembers identifying with the love of doing something. He found the love in what he loved to do. He reconnected with his desire to do the routine perfectly rather than focus on winning at the national tryouts. His legendary performance afterwards was only icing on the cake compared to the fulfilled vision of each momentary move. This is a true story about an athlete who shattered his leg so badly in a motorcycle accident, he defied all odds by competing nationally again.

In his book, Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World, my Teacher writes:

"The Secret to Success is to know your power and to know that Consciousness is the only power that creates. You are One with that power. When you have an Intention you have to let go and know that this all Power will bring all circumstances, conditions, and people to manifest your Intentions. You don't do anything: You just see it being done." - p145

Today while eating a veggie pita in a small cafe , I thought about the scene in the movie "Matrix" where the young orphan child at the Oracle's apartment teaches Neo how to bend a spoon. The youngster says:

"Do not try to bend the spoon. Instead realize the Truth...There is no spoon. It is you yourself that bends."

Then tonight, while listening to one of my favorite albums by Prosad, I review his lyrics from the "Big Bag of Rice" track:

"All my money's in my heart
My mind tells me that it's out there
I tell my mind that you are blind
Though you have a thousand eyes
What's in my heart is all I need
If you only listen to your heart
Then you'll get all the money you can see
Inside you, in your heart
What's in your heart is all you need"

By this time I take the Bruce Lee quote out of my pocket and settle down with my new mouse in hand and see what flows out of this feeling of synchronicity. I feel light. I feel the dance of the day. I feel gratitude for desire itself. Where do the songs come from? Where does the poetry and the art shower through me from? I have no idea. I only feel the desire to express what is inside.

Tonight I revel in the very idea:
"Consciousness Creates my Reality."

By the way...this new mouse is heaven...

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