Sunday, January 3, 2010

Face to Face with the Inner Teacher

Face to Face with the Inner Teacher

"There was a little girl who asked God:
How will there be peace on earth
with so much anger in my own family?
How can others in the world be my brothers and sisters
when my classmates are bullies and despise those who are different?
As a young teen she asked the Christed One:
How can there possibly be only one Creator
while each religion maintains its own exclusivity
of rules and regulations for salvation?
As a young woman she asked:
How can more people find true love
when the sanctity of womanhood is forgotten
and sex is no longer considered an act of Union?
When She saw one patient after another dying
from aggressive treatment of disease,
she asked the Heavenly Father:
How can there be a cure for fatal illness
when healing is a multinational business?
She called out to Jesus
To Mother Mary
To Krishna and Ram
She called out to Buddha
And Shiva, Vishnu and Brahman
She called out to Mother Earth and Father Sky
but it wasn't until she became a widow,
that she heard One small unspoken Voice whisper:
“It is by asking that we truly love
It is by giving we receive"
It was then that she asked her final question:
What is the purpose of my life?

In that swirling vacuum a song arose
Shining and brilliant like the Sun
In that instant was a great letting go
A surrendering to the way of Love
A relief from the aching to understand
everything on the outside
A surge of unforgettable Solitude
A wellspring of purpose fulfilled:

Ganga Fondan, 2010

Out of Art and Poetry : A New Blueprint

Staring into the artwork and reading the words, I see life in a new design:

What is it that keeps families at war with themselves? What keeps them from not forgiving and letting go of the pain of the past? I close my eyes and ask that these things may come to light for each person to be revealed and transcended.

With more peaceful families surely each child will hold a stronger foundation within him or her self to play and work together out of joy and a feeling of oneness. Innocence will be the foundations of faith and aspiration. I close my eyes and see the most powerful generation of children cooperating and building a new understanding that rises beyond our current knowledge of what it means to be a human being.

In this feeling of oneness, we readily accept the cultural, religious, educational and economic differences between us and know that we are rooted in One Love. I see the children of the world nurtured and centered in who they are and able to go where they want to go.

Rooted in One Love, mutual respect and integrity come again to the surface. We dance in a knowing that the highest form of creation still manifests itself in the womb of great imagination and possibility. We recognize this wonder reflected in the womb of woman and know that each of us emerged through that sacred temple. The feminine within each of us is the balancer and nurturer and the keeper of the great mystery. It is from this place that we see the needs of others as our own before the asking.

From deep within us flow the greatest ideals and wonders. From deep within us emerges a wellspring of joy and hope and vision. I see that disease in its simplest form, "dis-ease" finds its polar opposite and merges with ease. With ease all things are possible.

May all people who feel the anguish of an unhappy life find the courage to go to the source within themselves and see their relationships from the root cause. I close my eyes see this beautiful world growing and discovering itself more and more. I see that out of a poem is revealed a life work and out of a picture a new paradigm seed bursts open.

My Teacher says:
"Laced in every well formulated question is the answer revealed." - Tulshi Sen

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Margie said...

Thank you for posting this. I belong to a family "at war with itself" and recently acknowleged my part in a tiny way. Even letting go of a crumb of my resentment at one person has created a disproportionately large shift for the better. Wow! Keep up what you are doing.