Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Singing Abundance Out of No-Thing

Flourishing in the Wholeness of Sound

“It begins with only One Song.
We discover ourselves in That.
Within a solitary vibration emerges a blueprint of life.
Stirring the melodious heart of every cell,
this sound flows like a cool clean river
cascading playfully through us.
In this glorious awakening we experience this Song
through a spectacular crescendo of feeling.
We each find our individual voice
effortlessly and freely,
uniquely and boldly
to express over and over
the endless harmonious possibilities
of One abundant Whole Note.”

Ganga Fondan, 2009

The first time I ever heard his voice, a deep feeling of familiarity rushed through me. He strummed the guitar gently and curled his lips to meticulously pronounce the words of the song that came. His blue eyes stared into mine and his head bobbed up and down ever so slightly. I close my eyes now and still hear the beautiful resonance of his sound. Then came times we sang privately together immersed in only the sweetest world of the moment. Our union planted generous seeds for self-discovery in our unity. From that wellspring still rises such fantastic joy. From this joy, the fulfillment of art and poetry abundantly flourishes.

Falling in love, blossoming in love and letting go of attachment to form in that love opens a way to experiencing a Truth and feeling of oneness with more of life. Music was and is such a powerful form of this connection with others and with oneself. Through Narayan's encouragement, this journey through sound seemed inviting and uplifting. His approach to songs was honest and never forceful. He found his own way through them. He never tried to sing like somebody else. He tried to find his own answers in the music of others and eventually in his own creations. A profound conversation between us forever changed the way I looked at songwriting and singing.

In our second year together, my desire to write songs out of poetry started to escalate and after feverishly working on something that took weeks to finish, I sat down and started to sing him this song of unrequited love. It was about a man who would never find love because of his circumstances while the woman of his dreams entered his day to day experiences. After finishing I looked up to see Narayan's face to see if he could write some music to it. He sat quiet for a while and started to shake his head. I'll never forget his words:

"Why on earth would you even write a depressing sad song like that? The world is such a hard place to find happiness in, why would you want to discourage anyone with sadness?. I'm sorry, that's just how I feel."

It took me half a day to digest his words. I felt defensive. It took many years to be able to express deep feelings in writing and now he was criticizing me for sharing them. I looked over the words on the page. There was a lesson laced in this experience and I wanted to find it. After sitting quietly with this for a while I knew he was right. He had given me a great gift, only then I didn't realize how great.

Narayan and I had endured not only his challenges with health but had seen so many people not make it through the same rigorous treatments. Their famililies had clung to any hope that surrounded them and in the end had to let go and bravely move on with their lives. In such a small slice of life, I was surrounded with people who lived each day to find something stronger than themselves to cling to. No wonder Narayan wanted nothing to do with a sad song. Why would I put him through that? Why would I put myself through that? Suddenly it seemed so clear. Music is a tool made up of ideas and melodies. When brought forth with an intention, this tool can uplift and prolong intense feelings of hope and faith.

A few years later, we met our Teacher. He reiterated Narayan's refusal to worry or linger in painful feelings by passing onto us the ancient meditations on the Four Proclamations. Finding strength and power in the wholeness of life while seemingly impossible circumstances torment our day to day realities is possible by transcending the mind. There is no need to dwell in limitations that would keep us from joy and abundance. We can raise our belief level and accomplish the dreams once thought completely impossible. We hold this Vision through our songs. We claim our "I Am'ness" in the Universe.

In last Thursday's teleseminar, my Teacher explored the idea of choosing to see the "best case scenarios" rather than the worst. It is in this "seeing" that the blueprint is created and maintained. If you want to hear the call again, just go to his new blog.

Here is the info for tomorrow night's call:
Date: Thursday, September 10, 2009
Time: 7 PM PST (10 PM EST)
Dial In Phone Number: 1-916-233-3089
Access Code: 144-042-761#
Everyone is welcome to come and listen in.

In posting this artwork and poetry today I think about my silent pledge to Narayan to always find ways to uplift, encourage inspire and aspire. Through the use of ancient meditational and visioning tools so many self-limiting behaviors have dropped away. I see how many others around me still struggle in their worries and doubts about finding happiness. In my intention to increasingly gain control over my thinking and become a master designer of happiness, my heart aspires daily to make the journey lighter for those around me as well. We are alive and wholly connected in this grande symphony of the One glorious exquisite Note rising out of No-Thing promising us everything.

Feel it awaken and resonate in you at this very moment,


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