Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Live as a Goddess in This World

Becoming One with the Woman Song

Who was I as a woman and what was I supposed to become if I was not a wife or a mother? Without a burning desire to be a career woman, I felt like there was something wrong with me and this made it very hard to move around freely in my day to day life. I ached for some kind of passion and intensity to rise within me so that I could express something valuable. Out of this longing another song was beginning to take shape. I had no idea then how powerfully these words would guide me toward wholeness and encourage personal growth. It all began during a spring thunderstorm and took its time to formulate over a few weeks. I was missing Narayan terribly and so I sat up in bed, lit a candle and asked for help:

"Lord bless the spirit of woman
Guide her gently through the night
For she's had much to bear
But if she knows you are there
She'll always turn her face towards the light"

Essentially my heart believed in the goodness of all women and knew that many would not even have the strength to ask for themselves so I suddenly wanted to ask on behalf of all of them. That gave the song a powerful momentum and meaning right from the start. Narayan's faithful guitar felt soothing in my hands.

"Lord bless her tender aching heart
As she seeks her true family
Kindle her wondrous love
Help her to rise above
and feel her true divinity."

When it is hard to recognize our uniqueness and nurture it, there is a desire to fit in somewhere and feel understood by at least one other. The song was beginning to take on a flow of its own and the verses came quickly:

"Help her let go of all the times that betrayed her
Show her the sweetness of the girl
Help her to find all the beauty deep inside
To live as a Goddess in this world"

At that time I was spending copious amounts of time with my little niece who was just two. She was the essence of innocence and vulnerability and yet when I stared deeply into her eyes, she seemed like a discerning ancient grandmother. Her strength was soft and enduring. These qualities became my aim.

"Lord it's been hard for woman
Help her now to set the mark
That she may feel your Grace
and with a smile on her face
feel all the freedom in her heart

Help her let go of all the times that betrayed her
Show her the sweetness of the girl
Help her to find all the beauty deep inside
To live as a Goddess in this world"

Over the years, this song journey strengthens me from inside. Now I begin to see my unfolding manifested in womanhood beyond my own. The feminine energy rises to stand beside the masculine in balance. Feelings and flexible thinking together are qualities of invincibility. The words of my Teacher resonate with this realization.

"As the Universe so the Individual, as the Individual so the Universe."

Through meditation and songwriting this odyssey connects me further and further with the awe and wonder of life.

I am the embodiment of Consciousness.
I am the embodiment of Consciousness.

So are you.


PS Oh and by the way, if you are in the Vancouver, Canada area this week-end, you won't want to miss this amazing two day seminar happening on July 25th and 26th. Many of these Master Key tools have opened a whole new level of creativity and awareness for me. This is all cutting edge stuff that really works.


Teaching Kids Yoga said...

I'd love a recording of this song Ganga. Hearing you play it live, brought tears to my eyes. It is an anthem for women!

Cyndee Greene said...

Oh Miss Ganga~Your timing w/ this post could not be more perfect! 'Help her let go of all the times that betrayed her'
That is exactly what was put before me tonight & I got the opportunity to let go.
Am I at peace? Yes. Do I wish it could have been different? Yes
My only betrayal is w/ myself...if I take on the words of another that are untrue then I am betraying myself. This person that I called my friend has been my greatest teacher of where I betray myself. 'Betray' is a word that I have been unwilling to look at. Thank you for bringing it forward tonight, so that I could look it square in the face...PRECIOUS!