Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There Are Moments You Remember All Your Life...

There Are Moments You Remember All Your Life...

Press Record.
Heartbeats held by a thumb brushing against the strings...
The river of moments washes over me
They come alive again in words and feelings
They rise into victories
Their lessons ache to be celebrated
The feel of the soul dancing
The letting go and finding everything
The solidity of connection with Nothing
Soaring freely in an endless sky
Giving birth to inner Creation
The moments of my life come to expression

They offer themselves as bridges into songs
which lead back to wholeness again.
Ganga Fondan, 2009

While starting to record at Prosad's Beaches Studio yesteday, I felt such overwhelming feelings of gratitude and connection. Like my life has been preparing for this stage for the last eleven years. No matter what happens, the sheer ecstatic realizaiton of that is worth celebrating!

So many thoughts and feelings raced through me. Narayan was definitely there watching over me. He was the greatest catalyst who drew me out of my shell to come forward and create with him. Through the years of treatment, we sang to vision our next vacation. When we were frightened of losing each other, we sang about the power of love. When we felt blessed to be alive, we sang about gratitude. Every song seemed to be a bridge to where we wanted to be.

Now, after eleven years, I have learned many tools to draw from within and embrace strength and insight. With Narayan's old guitar in hand, many mountains were conquered and new horizons of my soul explored. He remains with me in spirit and our love reaches outward in wholeness. So many feelings rushed through me in that studio yesterday. I want to remember them all. They honor this journey. We continuously draw from the largest aspect of ourselves and expand in Oneness. The exciting thing is: there's so much more to discover.

May you also experience that tremendous joy that arises when you are completely in your element, in your zone, in your creative electricity. May your voice sing your highest story so that all our connections will become more and more real and alive. Then we can pass on this promise and knowing to our children and their children. That to me makes life worth living. Narayan left this world at the age of 33 and only now I realize that through my actions and aspirations, he continues to impact here and now. How precious that is to me.

PS Did you notice the "Bee Awareness" insignia in the picture? These exercises are truly amazing.


Susan Williamson said...

This is so exciting Ganga! I'm really looking forward to hearing what you've recorded.

Cyndee Greene said...

Oh Ganga....once again I am speechless....if that is possible any more....
I feel such synchronicity w/ you. Every single time I come here it is just MAGIC! As my life is now. It is an amazing journey!
Again, I am SO moved by everything you write & everything you create! I feel such a beautiful kindred energy between us. How fun!