Friday, July 24, 2009

Behold the Daughter of the Earth and Sky

Rainbow Daughter of the Earth and Sky

"Oh Beloved Rainbow Daughter
Reveal yourself at last through this heavy veil

Lead us in this time of great transformation
Dance us into reconciliation with our One Mother

Let us feel Her emergence from the lifeblood of the sea
Drawing our every limb and muscle from the bounty of earth

Breathe this dream deeper into us
That we may feel the fire of Her Spirit

That we may restore this spinning space
To the great Dream that guides us back to Her

Through the world of colors
Flight and soaring into white…

Bring this Heaven back to light
Oh Beloved Rainbow daughter

That we may let go the pains of loss and ignorance
And prepare a worthy place for all the generations of Peace"

-Ganga Fondan, 2009

Tonight's posting is a prayer into the unknown, a song of reaching into the great Promise itelf. My Teacher once told us that every desire is a promise fulfilled. When we ache for something and feel it in our heart, then we connect to it's existence because it is real. We don't yet have the equipment to know it in the 3-dimensional world. That is why vigilance of thinking is so important. Protect that dream at all costs.

Losing Narayan, my soul cried out to know why I was meant to love my beloved so much only to let him go. In my utter exhaustion and desperation, a still small voice replied and filled me with a desire to find my answers through writing songs of freedom and peace. The guidance and wisdom of my Teacher gave me the tools for unlocking grief and loneliness which in a greater light revealed themselves as joy and romance with nature. Eventually realizing the impossibility of being seperated, my beloved comes back to me and dances in every windswell, in every song of the birds, in the soft clouds that float across the sky and in the drops of rain that pound the midnight earth. He rests in every gentle tear and rises in the passion and devotion of the music that choreographs my life. The symbolical rainbow child represents the unity of the earth and sky. She rises out of the love of the sun for the water. Only then can rainbows appear.

This unfolding is revealed so beautifully by the words of my Teacher:

"The Kingdom of God is in the Absolute, beyond time and space and the centre of your Being, the region of Unconditioned thought. In unconditioned thought there is no doubt or anxiety, it is a certainty because there is no dependency on any condition to manifest the thought. It is a state of assured expectation." - Tulshi Sen

Narayan lives beyond conditioned thought. He shed his three dimensional body and lives in a place that I cannot see, taste, touch, hear or smell and yet there he is. All wordly knowledge can not give me this understanding. The absolutes to this life cannot be measured by the mind. They are ever changing. When we reach for the dream that calls beyond this world, we see a way beyond the mundane day to day tasks of our life. We see a rainbow forming on the horizon. It calls us back into the heart of our existence; How to raise our children, how to care for the sick, how to call forth intelligent and responsible leadership, how to care for the elderly and how to honor our innermost desires. Everything waits in that "state of assured expectation". Each of us holds a piece of that dream. Each of us holds bliss of an ecstatic Universe. We are all One.

There is no guarantee of how long we will have the luxury of a 3-dimensional body. Narayan reminds me of this again and again. What this moment offers is unique. What would you like to shape and mold out of it? What would you ask of the Rainbow Daughter? What would you offer the Great Mother as a legacy for those who follow this unfolding? Protect that dream at all costs.

Oh Beloved Rainbow Daughter:
Reveal yourself at last through this heavy veil
Fill us with the knowing
That our true heart's desire
is already written in the heart of the rising Sun

Peace Be With You,

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