Saturday, September 27, 2014

Swim Like A Prodigal Fish

(2/2)  Within Me Swims a DreamFish Able to Navigate the Waters of EveryWhere and EveryWhen

You do not see that the Real is in your home
Yet you wander from forest to forest listlessly,
You do the see the Real is in your Home
I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty.

Here is the truth,
go where you will
to Benares or Mathura
If you do not find your soul
the world is unreal to you.
I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty.


Journal Entry, September 27, 2014

Many years ago, this beautiful translation by Rabindranath Tagore turned into a song that poured over me day after day and empowered me during tremendous loss and grief.  It quenched something that I only begin to understand now.  In my daily life I meet so many people flailing in all directions, battling depression, disease and behavioral disorders.  I see them flit from one thing to another while playing with their phones or electronic tablets all the while searching an answer.  I see them earnestly trying to navigate a world which is fighting for a piece of real-estate in their thinking.  My Teacher used to remind us that the mind has a thousand eyes.  The mind is extraordinary in how much it can file into its memory bank.  With each conquering in the memory bank, the fish is more and more away from the waters of imagination and innovation.  I am beginning to see so clearly that we relinquish control of this information storage system because we have lost our individual connection to the real nourishment of life which waits for us to return homeward like a prodigal fish.

The DreamFish is a symbolic representation of the limitless possibilities that await us when we let go of our dependence on the external.  I know its a stormy sea out there, but when I continue my practice with the 4 Eternal Principles, when I continue to listen to the creative outpourings of my Consciousness, there is a smile on my face, faith in  heart and so much patient love that wells up inside of me.   

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