Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Can A Fish in the Water Be Thirsty?

“I Laugh when I Hear that the Fish in the Water is Thirsty.” – Kabir

Journal Entry August 14, 2014

It is You who returns to me today and swims anxiously around my awareness again.  Opalescent beams and the feeling of wet pour over my starving perception and I hear a faint whisper telling me that I have run too far into the dry and suffocating thoughts of a bleak and mundane world.  Laughter, like perfect bubbles of fresh insight, dances in the space between us.  Excitedly, You urge me to play once more in the world of limitless songs and inspired stories.  

Oh yes, sweet redeemer, You drench and revitalize my understanding  with radiant blue. 

Blue like the unlimited and expanding sky.  Blue like the awe-inspiring and swirling waves of an imagination that cannot and will not ever end.  Blue like the true blue power of a dream that crystallizes out of the purest desire to love and magnify for its own sake.  Blue like the Great Blue Heron that stands staunch and ready peering toward the horizons of its kingdom.  Blue like the skin of the all attractive Krishna energy that calls the Universe to rise and dance in ecstasy.  Blue like those eyes that drowned my entire existence with one first glance.  Oh yes.  Let Us redefine the "Blue" of Eternal Opulence and remember ourselves flashing across an overflowing night sky which by its very nature abases any weak and deflating thought into complete oblivion.  

Oh the immortal words of the Master Poet Kabir resonate in the core of my Being tonight:
"I laugh when I hear that the the fish in the water is thirsty."           

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