Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kabir says: "Look and See Where the Root Is..."

“Look, and See Where the Root is:  Happiness Shall Be Yours When You Come to the Root.” – Kabir

When a low and sorrowful mood takes hold,
my Heart calls from high above the clouds to look up.
Gliding over the unending spread of cities upon cities,
It shows me a frenzied and fearful world
locked in a gruesome battle for validation and control,
security, profit, sustenance  and possession.
my audacious Heart laughs out loud
because from Its expansive realm
there can be no haughty agendas of courtships with countries,
no royalty or religious sovereignty.
It asks:
“Who can rule a single beam of the sun?”.
Beyond money and property,
age, gender and education,
how many more ways can be thought of,
to divide humanity into opposing forces?
When will we know who we are?
Where is the home that each of us aches to know? 
My Heart reminds me that we are the constant wind
entering and exiting buildings
that begin to crumble the moment of construction.
We are the constant wind that loses itself in earth
again and again
only to be liberated by the generous and sometimes painful rains
that soak through our fragile bodies of blood, sweat and tears.
Still my mind keeps reaching out to analyze and philosophize.

Stretching Itself out over the vast Universe,
my timeless Heart cries out to me yet once again
to rely only on the unseen and unknown Name
which makes itself seen and known
in the life of every true dreamer who dares to look up.
Despite the foolishness and baseness of the ignorant,
and the disconnected,   
life flourishes in the wisdom of Unity.
Innovate a powerful and abundant Ideal
and become one with the master of the timeless wind.   

©Ganga Fondan, 2014

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