Sunday, July 20, 2014

"To Thine Own Self Be True"

What is Your Song of Truth?

“Where do you wander in your body of dust?
What do you need and who do you trust?
How do you heal and do you know what’s real?
Come sing a song of freedom,
I know just how you feel.
Come share your sadness.
Release any hate.
Look for the oneness beyond all the ache.
Touch all the beauty, your soul wants to dance.
Come sing a song of freedom.
Just give yourself a chance.

Free from slavery arise
It’s time to open up your eyes
And lift away that look of pain
To open up your heart once again

Look deep inside you and feel your desire
Is it one that can burn you or lift you up higher?
Does your smile lead to laughter?
Is your intention clear?
Come sing a song of freedom.
There’s only right now and here

Come let your deep imagination soar.
Believe for a moment, you can always ask for more
Let go of limitation, let go of all the fear
The one you have been waiting for
…is finally here.”

©Ganga Fondan, 1998

Journal Entry July:  20, 2014

Fueling the global political tensions, igniting religious battles over differences of ideals and territories, creating organizations that cut-throat any attempt to nurture a fair playing field  are all micro-cosmic examples of the macro wars we fight within ourselves.  Why are we so angry?  What are we so afraid of?  While this song lifted me through a deeply personal experience years ago, its message of freedom is helping me recognize a much larger pattern of life and living that I see all around me.

As a student of the "Four Eternal Principles", I realize that this pattern of enslavement has always been a challenge throughout the ages.  Many great Masters presented their modalities to ease the suffering that humans inflict on themselves and others out of ignorance of Unity.  All our deepest fears of loneliness, death and lack stem from the idea that we are separate in a depleting paradigm and we must claim as much territory as we can to satisfy our insecurities about this supply and demand.  Rather than hoarding and claiming, the Masters taught "Pro-claiming".  This idea is based in faith.  As we think in our hearts, so are we. We ask ourselves:  What is the central ideal of my life?

When we affirm ourselves to be children of the Universe, soaked with abundance and opportunity, we transform. This new mindset is not easy while bombarded daily with messages to conform and repeat our old habits.  This art piece is a reaching outward to acknowledge That which flows in absolutely everything, makes up everything and is even the power with which it is made.  Acknowledging Consciousness, through contemplation and meditation breaks the chains of fear and ignorance and we return to a sense of Unity and boundless Joy.  We begin to feel a much larger version of Self and realize more freedom than we have ever dared ourselves to be.

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