Friday, May 23, 2014

There's A Place I Know

(3 of 4)  There's A Place I Know

There will come a day
This Voice will sing to the whole world
These songs of Love
Which hold me in your Heart

You have shown me so much courage
How the greatest joys are born of pain
Out of the dimmest hope such comfort
You teach me how to dream again

You have severed all the wounded memories
And nurtured thoughts that just the highest Vision sees
So when I look to see the purpose of my life
My breath flows calm and full of ease

I see your smile inside me
Your laughter fills this busy mind
And leads me to such wonders
Then share the beauty that I find

Teach me the meaning of surrender
For in the end there's nothing mind alone
Except the memory of singing
Precious songs that lead me Home

©Ganga Fondan, 2002

Journal Entry May 23, 2014

I remember back in 2002 when these words poured into my journal.  How far these songs carry me onward and through the many twists and turns of days.  Lately the message seems to be for me to go deeper into the experiences.  Instead of flitting along the surface, let go and trust that all the wonders of life live constantly there just beneath the banal exterior to that place vibrating so intensely with romance and possibility.  Sometimes I take for granted that I know a thing and have not fully experienced it.  All the artwork and songs pull me deeper now.  Beyond all of the turmoil and struggle of life is a constant way opening to live in the ideal and not the leftovers of circumstances the mind seems to be distracted by.  I will not settle for the mundane.  I ask for the strength and courage to go to the only place that has ever been my Father, Mother, Teacher and Friend... my All in All...

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