Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 : Dance with Substance and Power...

2/2  “No One Can Take Away That Which Has Been Danced.” – Honduras Folk Saying

What calls me constantly
To leap from thing to thing
Is a song without voice,
A vision without eyes,
A feeling without touching
A romance of experiences
Oozing color,
Wringing out all Joy
Every drop and wave
The Heart
Of That which is not mine
Yet none can take away.

©Ganga Fondan, 2014

Journal Entry: February 24, 201

Can you see the abundance in and around you?  No matter what circumstances seem to blur your line of sight, can you still revel in the dance and experience the joy of existence?  

Every day I meet people from all walks of life.  Some have money and some scrape by.  Some are decorated with titles of education and ranks of office.  Some saunter and some barely lift their feet off the ground.  Some whistle, some grumble.  Some smell synthetic and wreak of expired perfume and some haven't showered in a very long time.  Some wander fragrantly along.  Some are weighed down with generations of identity while others recreate themselves moment to moment.  Some don't need my help at all and some follow me around wherever I go.  Some even walk in a very large circle around me to avoid my gaze while others patiently wait for my glance to fall on them.  Each carries their world around with them.  Each hears a drummer and finds a unique role to play in life.  Some believe what the world tells them they are.  They cannot hear their own heartbeats anymore.  Some find their own music deep inside and add to the beauty of everyone's experience.

I dance with every single one of them.  They are the children of a great garden.  Some remain oblivious to the wonder and possibility of this place.  Some trust only what their eyes and ears tell them.  Others sparkle with absolute courage and imagination while still others cower in the shadows of fear and worry.  One planet whirls round and round offering freely its endless unique and trans-formative experiences.  The music plays on...  

And sometimes...I see someone aching to dance, to feel alive, to open up and blossom.  I know their journey by heart.  Something inside me leaps up and sings.  In those moments I know who I AM and with complete elation my purpose is profoundly revealed.  

(This posting is inspired by  a quote I found in Alice Walker's new book "The Cushion in the Road".  It is an old Honduran saying : "What has been danced cannot be taken away.")   

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You're such a great writer :)