Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 - From Deep Within This Well Does Spring...

Each of Our Lives Is A Precious Ornament on the Great Tree of Life...

Image:  While sitting around one night, my brother and I were talking about something and this digital art began with dancing notes and soon morphed into people dancing and celebrating and it just grew from there.  A grand celebration of color and sound and rising to more and more ecstatic heights.  ( Click Image for more Detail )

Journal Entry:  January 3, 2015

Walking through the falling snow today, I hear the gentle rhythm  of the weighted wet snowflakes tapping against my thick winter coat.  I hear my boots thumping a melodic steady beat against the slushy hard concrete.  The wind brushes against my face with a sobering consistency.  It's already the third day of the new year and everything has changed.  A light blazes within my heart and reminds me to forget about the dizzying pace of the world around me.  A faraway dream reaches out to my memory.  
It seems to whisper:  Come back to Me.

My eyes began to tear up as my mind opens up to the thought.  In a flash I see all the ways I still hide from the Absolute Ideal.  I turn my face towards the sky and let the water from my eyes mix with the water from the clouds.  I will not give up.    

Later sitting at my desk, a stream of thoughts pours through my searching questions.  The way back is not easy and yet always available.  Just show up.  

The garden appears..I hear the music.  Let Go.
My voice reaches out past my teeth and tongue on the wings of a deep breath...

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