Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It is By Asking That We Truly Love...

“Some Contemplate the Formless While Others Meditate on Form But the Wise Man Knows that Brahma is Beyond Both.” – Kabir

Have we not felt the Presence in the arms of a Lover?
Have we not inhaled the Fragrance of the most exquisite flower?
Have we not basked in the Smile of a child’s eyes beaming pure Love?
Have we not rejoiced in the Thrill of flying thousands of feet above birds?
Have we not intuited the Whisper of a most excellent idea rising within us?
Have we not met the Love-Soaked stranger who generously passed on to us
exactly what we most needed today?
Why do we keep searching outside ourselves for permission
to live as joyous children of the Divine Life?
Why do we seek the Creator everywhere but within the heart?
In this holy meeting place
We freely honor the journey as only each of us can live it:
Experience our own mountaintop
Until every drawing, every song, every dance declares:
We are One.
We are One.
We are One.
©Ganga Fondan, 2013

Blog Entry: March 13, 2013
It is so easy to get caught up in the illusion that the world is spinning faster and faster.  Our constant growth spurts of technology and information makes it more challenging to stay centered and calm.  Every day I still meet people who feel like they are drowning in a sea of circumstances beyond their control and they lose confidence in their own ability to keep up with what life seems to expect of them.  Our Teacher would often challenge us to discover what we expect of ourselves and to aspire to impossible heights in order to stay on course living a fulfilled life.  His words ring inside me over and over when I study the political and geological maps of the world.  His message echoes inside me as I speak with a man about his fear of never meeting the love of his life, the woman who has a story to tell and cannot find her voice, the girl who stopped eating a full meal because she will not look like other girls, the man who shies from social activity because most chairs are much to small for him and the woman who cannot bring herself to trust anyone.  These people entered my life this week and I sensed the anxiety in their bodies.  
Who or what is the real voice of authority in our lives?  

How can we find what is true and live a powerful and abundant life.  Its a long road to discover how absolutely misinformed and misguided most of our role models are.  When we seek stillness within ourselves, an answer always stirs.  With patience and persistence, the desires of the heart make themselves known.  We discover what truly makes us happy.  We reach our own mountaintop in Unity with the Creator.  When we can move in a world of formlessness and form, we recognize our Divinity and Joy.  In our Unity, all deep self-expression becomes genuine and harmonious.  We begin to love the Divine Being within.  We no longer need external assurance.  The Heart always knows.  The Heart finally regains its vitality and romance in Limitlessness.  We give ourselves permission to dream and experience this dream's fulfillment.  We realize what it means to ask and to receive.   
"Some contemplate the formless while others meditate on form but the wise man knows that Brahma* is beyond both."   - Kabir
*Sanskrit word meaning "The Creator".    

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