Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"It is in Giving We Receive"...

“Glory Unto Those Who Have Realized Their Own Nature.  May Their Blessings Be On Us All.” – Swami Vivekananda

Your Song releases me.
Waves and splashes of music gush forth.
My fear washes away.
What is there to lose?
In the end there is only Love.
We return to that Holy state
which was never a physical place.
Love offers everything.
Sacrifices everything.
Endures everything.
Returns everything.
Creates everything.
Celebrates everything.
Dissolves everything.
Embraces everything.
Releases everything.
Redeems everything.
Love never fails.
I Am Love’s creation.
In Love’s Grace
my freedom is made perfect.
In Your Song this Joy overflows.
©Ganga Fondan, 2013

Blog Entry: February 13, 2013
In one of my journals I found a beautiful quote by Swami Vivekananda:
Nature's task is done, this unselfish task which our sweet nurse, nature, had imposed upon herself.  She gently took the self-forgetting soul by the hand, as it were, and showed him all the experiences in the universe, all manifestations, bringing him higher and higher through various bodies, till his lost glory came back, and he remembered his own nature.  Then the kind mother went back the same way she came, for others who also have lost their way in the trackless desert of life.  And thus is she working, without beginning and without end.  And thus through pleasure and pain, through good and evil, the infinite river of souls is flowing into the ocean of perfection, of Self-Realization.
Glory to those who have realized their own nature.  May their blessings be on us all!

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