Monday, March 18, 2013

Let Me Color the World with Your Love and Peace...

The Quintessential Question: Who is this I?

I look into your eyes
Feel myself
Exactly to the extent
I know myself
No more
No less
Your life offers
Another chance
To make the love bond
To console
To understand
To Be That
©Ganga Fondan, 2013
Blog Entry: March 18, 2012
A multitude of ideas are layered into this posting today.  It all starts when reciting the St. Francis prayer while walking towards a busy street intersection.  When I reach the words:
"O Master grant that I may never seek so much to be consoled as to console / To be understood as to understand /   To be loved as to love with all my Soul..."
A beautiful feeling sweeps over me, an elated considering that the subject entirely disappears into its ideal.  Observing all the people scurrying about in their busy lives,  I imagine love pouring out of this intention that St. Francis affirmed so many years ago.  There is nothing to do to become this instrument of peace, merely ask and allow it to happen.
Later, while leafing through a book about famous people who passed from this earth at a young age,  I find a picture of Rudolph Valentino with the following quote beside it:
"Women are not in love with me but the picture of me on the screen. I am merely the canvas on which women paint their dreams."
I read this sentence over and over.  Again excited exhilaration stirs my imagination as I think of a person becoming a canvas, a mirror, a projection of a desired ideal.  These two quotes have entirely different contexts, but there is a bridge worth seeking out.  
Later at home, I can not wait to entertain this question with inner experimentation.  Often times, the art screen works like a mirror and shapes appear and disappear, as do ideas.  Using an image of my own face adds intensity to the process and I explore the idea of a human being a canvas on which others paint.  How do I see others?  How do others see me?  How do I see myself?  What kind of an instrument am I?  Consciousness creates my Reality.  How can I see further than my Consciousness?  These questions echo through me as the images form and dissolve again.  The words of St. Francis and Valentino keep me centered on the quest.  No distractions.  When Consciousness is free, there is no limitation to what is projected.  We are at once the Sublime Canvas and the Uninhibited Instrument of Expression:  We  enter the dance of Love's immediate intention and fulfillment.  All sense of separation drops away.  A place of infinite compassion, consolation and understanding pours everywhere.

In the middle of the night, after everything is processed, my head rests on the pillow and looks out the window at the endless open sky.  I can feel tears coming as I wonder just how limitless this "Limitlessness" of Consciousness really is.  I feel hope for mankind in all the struggle because there is always a higher expression of Love to discover and become.  Gratefulness pours out to one single star that seems to twinkle especially bright.  It reminds me that I have not yet begun to embrace the deep value of tonight's revelation.  I feel tears run down my cheek.  What fantastic Mystery guides this life?  I only know  I love You.  I love You.  I love You. 


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