Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grant Me the Courage to Shine in that Light

A Time to Leave the Shadow Dancing

I was in love with your fearlessness
I danced with abandon in your shadow
and celebrated your victories
I was in love with your audacity
I danced with abandon in your shadow
and marvelled at all your desires
You wore a great mask of bravery
which you tossed aside in fear
when you saw the maskmaker coming
You ran away
I didn't know why
The maskmaker said one day I would understand
Now I dance alone
in the heart of the Universe
I feel a light on my face
Your gift to me has been this calling out
to leave the shadows and experience my bliss

Song "The Invitation" © Ganga Fondan, 2009
Image: "Leave the Shadow Dancing, © Ganga Fondan 2009

This song is dedicated to all the people audacious enough to feign courage, to all the people I hid behind when I thought I had nothing to offer. They are the ones who shrank when it was time to pay the piper, but in their slinking away forced to remain and face the Truth. Of course I felt mystified and overwhelmed. I felt angry and hurt. How could I know that they would never stay during the upheaval that eventually came? Of course I cried like a baby and wanted to run far away from my life again. But I didn't did I? This time I didn't run. This time I turned to face what I felt so terrified to look at. While striving to feel unity with everything and everyone, I forgot one important factor. These challenges come as gift to the spirit. These disappointments and disillusionments come with a boon. It's not obvious at first, but standing alone in that light is the opportunity for an authentic experience. What have I come to sing in this life? What has love revealed to me through the trials and victories of my days? Has my years of slavery to my conditioning shown me exemplary strengths within myself that may now serve a higher purpose? Chills run up and down my spine. A new tension fills my body, but a still quiet voice inside my heart whispers "Let go". This song is for all those who threw their masks down and ran so that I would ache to know the meaning of true courage. I embrace this moment for them and their moments to come in facing that light.

"All the power that ever was or will be is here in you right now." - Tulshi Sen