Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"...Imagination Creates Reality" - Richard Wagner

“One Supreme Fact Which I Have Discovered is that it is not Willpower, but Fantasy – Imagination that creates.  Imagination is the Creative Force.  Imagination Creates Reality.” – Richard Wagner

In children’s games the wave splashes
Shrieks of joy announce complete detachment
Out of broken sandcastles
Out of ripped up shreds of paper
Out of paint pots spilled over
Another kingdom comes
The will to create fills the cup
Again and again
When Self is redeemed and dives 
Into endless possibilities
The Water of Life replenishes
The dead and unused parts 
To generate once more
Acts of courage
Express new rapture

© Ganga Fondan, 2012

Journal Entry June 27, 2012

What Richard Wagner actually said in context was:

“One Supreme Fact Which I Have Discovered is that it is not Willpower, but Fantasy – Imagination that creates.  Imagination is the Creative Force.  Imagination Creates Reality.” 

Staring deeply into this image, it is easier to identify thinking into linear and fluid states.  I wonder sometimes where the wave of fluidity begins and ends in the continuing cycle of creating, preserving and destroying(renewing).  While working on this piece, I thought about birth and death many times.  What if leaving our body is actually a renewal of imagination?  A starting over on a new canvas?  Since my dad left this world almost 2 years ago, I have the feeling of a dolphin jumping freely through wave after wave.  I never had that feeling when he was here nor did I feel that when my husband left this world.  Without any form my late husband's presence remains only in rapturous joy which flows directly through my Being.  Of course when my thoughts become too solid again, I miss him and I feel a sense of separation.  This is the eternal play of the mind and this romance continues in various forms in many aspects of my creative life.    After the first draft of the image was done, an urge to create the liquid area on the right continued my journey.  Have you ever drawn a picture on a sandy beach only to be washed away by a giant watery wave?  That is what I feel when I see this image now.  My life is part of that wave coming in and also a part of that writing on the beach.  Two lovers unite and mingle the natural forces in a new way.  Imagination opens up new possibilities.

My Teacher often emphasized the idea that Imagination is more important than simply knowing information.  He said that if we wanted to create powerful lives we first had to rid ourselves of all those ideas which still suffocate our ability to Vision what we really want for ourselves.  He often said:

“We must be able to think freely before we can vision freely.”

In so many ways, day after day, I sense this opening up within my thinking.  At times, during meditation I feel so surprised that many small and limiting ideas still linger in my perceptions.  Now I can simply observe them and let them go.  The ways of "Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World" continue to inspire and lead me onward.

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