Friday, June 4, 2010

Enraptured with "Whisper the Trees"

Enraptured with  "Whisper the Trees"

Listening to the music: "Whisper the Trees":

I feel young enough to experience the elation of the trees that reach out to connect with me. All around me their green sings into the dancing breeze. This forest has stood on the edge of a song for an eternity...waiting for me to come. Deep within my Being there is whirling and laughter. Everything is alive and pulsating. I know you are there with me. I know you are here with me. Letting go of skin and bone...blood and water... all fading, my heart floats upwards into the trees. What is it you came to show me? What is the message that waits here in this music? Feelings of gentleness flow around. Feelings of caring and softness overwhelm my awareness. What is there that shall endure? The question formulates like a dream. All the mountains and oceans shall pass away. What can be conquered is but temporary. Is it noble to have much and give much. Is it righteous to be known and preferred? What is important in this life? Shall we be remembered in books and music for lifetimes? What endures? The leaves shiver all around me echoing one Word.

What is the one Word that describes what endures? I long for my body, for my internal organs, for my mind and senses so that I may know this answer. Tears come quickly and I want to run deeper into the forest, deeper into the colors of my home here on earth. I long for my lover, his eyes, his arms around me, around this flesh which covers me like a blanket. Skin against skin merging in those moments of exhilaration and surrender, did we not find that which endures even if only for a fleeting moment? Am I alone now to live within that Word? Above me the trees stand strong and resilient. They know the secret of kindness. They shall let me find this way on my own. My knees drop to the earth and my head touches the ground. I whisper "Show me what endures."

The song continues. I see your face before me. The Word is beyond the intellect and you and I are forever a part of it. There is nothing to do or know to be One. This freedom is ours to play in wholeness. In this Oneness there is everything. I miss you and yet I know we are never apart. It is the human paradox we continue to unravel. "Whisper the Trees" leads me down a golden path. There is still much to discover. My heart feels lighter. It remembers the songs of our true home. Now the entire forest rejoices and sings along.

Listening to this album tonight stirs up deep feelings of love for Narayan. He reaches through the harp strings, through the voice and beauty of Elke's lyrics. She sings from that place which he used to reach into. She lets her feelings out and I am one with her. He is with her. He is with me. She remembers her brother and I remember my lover. We are sisters forever in our love for him and sing the songs of compassion and tenderness. We sing the songs of the One Heart.

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