Monday, July 13, 2015

"The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You" - Rumi

“The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You.” - Rumi

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Journal Entry, July 14, 2015

A horrific shower of pain bombards the airwaves and in so many places, the seeds of separation are laced with anger, revenge, greed, ignorance and rage.  The wounds are real and the losses are heart-wrenching.  Part of mankind moves obliviously through this anger and fear, while another perceives such soul sucking intensity, a kind of paralysis and numbness takes over.  There are those who organize and radicalize.  There are those who join in with all the voices crying for justice.  There are those who feel powerless against their oppressors.  The wounding continues.

The state of the world around us is a reflection of what is happening within each of us.  The stories of our own lives animate the greater narrative.  Though advancement in technology of information sharing has linked the world in profound ways, our awareness of what others are going through overwhelms our actual individual experiences and we must process this flood of information on a greater scale as well.  How do we integrate all this excess into our own understanding of life?  Unless we find ways to activate our own inner navigational abilities, we will inevitably drown and lose hope.  We will forfeit our capacity to believe in our own resilience and the thrill of  aspiring to unknown heights.

It's time to gather strength and see the wisdom in the wounding.  In my own experience, it has been essential to understand the roots of what was hurtful to me and to forgive and let go.  In this journey, a greater understanding and compassion became possible.  I see the oppressor enmeshed in a root cause of pain and the cycle goes on and on deeper into the past.  Where does the blaming stop?  It must begin within ourselves.   When we see clearly the roots of behavior firstly through our own experiences, we can then reach out to others with a compassionate and kind heart.  There have been so many books written about these personal transformations but until we feel it within our own narrative, we cannot recognize the Truth:

Each crisis was a message that’s secretly for you
Opening a frame of reference
Like nothing else could ever do.
Like a medicine or magic
A way out began to form
While you’re bleeding and you’re crying
Beaten down and hurt and worn.
Where the arrows pierced and entered
There a bloody river poured
And the wisdom that was lifted
Oozes out its own reward.

In this Journey of Perfection
The Way Home is slowly found
Through the wound now gently closing
You reached up to higher ground.
Beyond flesh and blood we travel
Yet in pain the longing waits
In the asking comes receiving:
There an answer penetrates.
In this healing there’s a story
In this story is a key
That will comfort other strangers
Open doors and set them free.

©Ganga Fondan, 2015


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