Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For kabir Who Wove His Stories for Me to Find...

Kabir Proclaims : “My Heart is Dying, Though It Lives”

In a great vast ocean sits a mighty poet of love
Who weaves ancient cloth and stories together
One day
In his heart 
He witnesses two Lovers
Dancing in the vibrant threads
Which hold all life together
He hears the music of their union
Through the fragrance of their songs
Which suddenly in romantic interlude
Begins to mysteriously unravel...
In that very instant
Cloaked with timeless serenity
The old weaver begins to sing
Outward toward the waiting years
Upward to the great endless sky
Carving an unseen message
That will one day bring these Lovers
Back into the tapestry of unending Joy
In another time
Many hundred years later
A young woman soaked in tears 
Devastated by separation from her Lover
Will gaze up at the sky and feel the One
Showering in and upon her
Guiding her through an unseen labyrinth
Which firmly twists and braids together a place
Of eternal Union and romantic fulfillment 
Out of the ebbing and flowing of each breath:
Arises a sanctuary of fabric and stories

©Ganga Fondan, 2013
Posted December 4, 2013

Journal Entry: Dec 4, 2013

"Scholars and students of various faiths have written volumes on this ancient free-thinking poet who lived somewhere around the 1400’s. My particular fascination with him began from a small collection translated by the famous Indian poet “Rabindranath Tagore”. The melding of these two great hearts poured ecstasy over my life to lift the darkness after losing my husband. Singing these poems in English and setting them to music, has brought me endless hours (years) of rapturous singing. Frequently, Kabir also enters my artwork when I least expect. Tonight again, I see his face looking back at me. Our journey ever continues." (Flickr excerpt from image to see the another Kabir inspired poem.)


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