Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Song is Your Song Proclaimed in Every Breath...

Imagine for a moment.  Close your eyes and see your own world...

Blog Entry: January 30, 2013

Is there anything as stimulating and invigorating as an all engaging conversation with a total stranger to remind yourself how magnificent and marvelous it is to be alive, to discover and challenge, to create and inspire new ways of seeing?  In the middle of a crowded coffee shop two people grasp the world with imagination like a map and ask each other questions about routes taken and what lessons have enhanced each experience.  In the exchange, new thoughts take shape and by listening and hearing two voices speak, an excitement rises in in two bodies.  You waddle through your differences paying close attention to how other insights can enrich your own interpretations of events and how the treasures of your lessons stimulate new passages of interest in the other.  Time passes and tidbits of another life form themselves into a movie in your mind as you follow attentively.  Countries, cultures, teachings, conversations, faces, inspirations, hopes, dreams, fears all flash mosaic-like in the air... and then  comes a rush of gratitude that there is another human being out there intensely searching for the genuine life, seeking to contribute and feel joy not only for oneself but for enhancing the lives of many others.  Then the handshake, the deep mutual respect for the many diverse journeys, the acknowledgement in the joy of connection and that irresistible moment when you recognize yourself in the eyes of a perfect stranger.  You know that their song is your song and it aches to be sung over and over:

"What do you want to be
What do you want to do
What do you want to have
in this freedom to dream your own world?

There's a new light on the horizon:
dawning the beginning of a new day
brimming full with innnovation
Feel the sweet inspiration
touching your soul.... " 

Ancient Secrets Quote:

The practice of these principles gives the power to the student to realize and experience that Consciousness is the One life, from which the whole phenomenal Universe emerges.    (Ch 14,p. 104). 

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